Webber needs to spend his time clearing dead wood

PUBLISHED: 17:57 22 April 2017

Norwich City's new sporting director, Stuart Webber, will have plenty to sort out this summer. Picture: Denise Bradley

Norwich City's new sporting director, Stuart Webber, will have plenty to sort out this summer. Picture: Denise Bradley


Stuart Webber has already ignited the fire and you can definitely grasp that our new sporting director doesn’t mess around.

You just know that a lot of players will feel the consequences of a massively disappointing campaign. There’s no denying that this monumental re-building task will take more than one transfer window to clean up, starting from ground zero – by possibly constructing a whole new City spine.

In my opinion, one thing for sure is that City need to start this process by keeping the players that actually care. It’s vital we get rid of the dead wood first. There might be three or four that aren’t good enough for the Premier League that do care, but that’s the least of our worries.

Luckily, part of the negativity in the changing room has already been squeezed out of our great club before Webber turned up at Colney. Martin Olsson wanted to leave for the best part of two seasons. It is essential we have players here that absolutely love and adore playing for Norwich City. These are the players that will thrive on the pitch.

It’s the last lot of our parachute payments this summer and it’s all about providing hope for everyone who wears yellow now. Aside from persuading an ambitious, good pedigree head coach to sign on the dotted line, the best bit of business Webber could pull off is keeping ‘the beast’ Mitchell Dijks at Norwich City. With Timm Klose highly likely to leave for FC Basel, logic says that his top-dog wages will be up for grabs. Please Stuart, do everything...

Hello, Alan Irvine – the youth are ready. I’m sure I’m not the only fan that celebrated James Maddison coming on more than I celebrated both of City’s goals put together against Preston. Maddison is proving he’s ready and perfectly capable, I really am delighted for the guy, getting that goal on his debut. Top marks for the celebration too, pointing to his name on the shirt. It’s about time we had some confidence and bite within our side. We’ve only had him on our books all season.

I have to dedicate some words for the Murphys yet again.

Our twins have come on like a steam train this season. Despite being criticised in every game they play, the stats do the talking – Jacob Murphy in particular, who has chipped in with 10 goals and six assists this season.

Both have contributed greatly and without their presence we’d have been nothing more than an average mid-table Championship side. They’re in the team to create chances and therefore have to take higher risks with the ball when going forward.

Why do people get hung up about their defensive capabilities as well? The defenders are there for a reason. Next season I live in hope we play the likes of Ben Godfrey, Harry Toffolo and Louis Thompson too.

Despite the awful campaign, the player of the season award will be the tightest it’s ever been.

It could arguably go to three or four players. Personally, my vote is with Paul Jones. He’s had an outstanding season, giving those City attackers the confidence to score freely. Joking, of course – but I have absolutely no idea who to go for.

It all started with Ivo Pinto, then Jonny Howson, then Jacob Murphy. However, the only player we truly miss when he’s not on the pitch for us is our magician, Wes Hoolahan. Give that man the keys to the fine city, having stuck with us through thick and thin and not jumping ship, despite being given numerous opportunities.

So the big question now is can Webber team up with Delia & Co and provide that all so important hope? I think so.

On The Ball, City!

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