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PUBLISHED: 11:22 01 March 2011

Grant Holt's goal was not enough for three points against Doncaster on Tuesday night.

Grant Holt's goal was not enough for three points against Doncaster on Tuesday night.

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So here we are then. Two clear schools of thought following Doncaster’s theft on Tuesday night.

Clearly we’ve come further than we could have dreamed since imploding two years ago.

Being in the Chumpionship top six each season should be the least we achieve. But to return to that level so soon is a ridiculous success and has finally brought the fun back.

So one frustrating draw that didn’t stop us being safely in the top six won’t crush our season.

Still, you won’t finish in the top two by dropping needless points at home to a side who wanted the game called off and lost 6-0 to I****** a week ago.

And you don’t come this far to decide it’s far enough, when it’s only February.

The Man is happy to take in all the plus points come the end of the season.

But we’re actually in a promotion battle at the moment. Being as complacent as we were on Tuesday won’t cut it.

• The point at dirty Leeds, on the other hand, was well earned, though The Man fretted over losing Herni Lansbury to injury after a sudden fit at Elland Road. Turned out it was him attempting to dance.

Good job too. Lambo’s squad are dropping like flies at the moment. Get back fit quick, super Chrissy and Leon.

• The Man admits the sudden revival of our foes down the road is galling.

Sadly the dross down the rear end of the Chumpionship means there’s little chance they’ll get to sample the doldrums’ delights any time soon.

Still, seeing their season over with mid-table obscurity in March is fun. Beggars can’t be choosers.

• So Kevin Muscat retires, to the relief of any footballer who values his legs. And he had the cheek to shed a tear when he announced it.

Similar to what you inflicted on the likes of Belluz when sinking your studs into his knee then, Kevin?

“I am what I am,” said Muscat. And for those not sure what that is, bearded French striker Christophe Dugarry labelled one of Muscat’s ‘challenges’ as an “act of brutality” and another old Brummie, Martin Grainger, dubbed him “the most hated man in football”.

And of course, Iwan nailed him in return for the assault on his old strike partner. Only fair.

Those in Australia should feel lucky. Muscat’s current eight-match suspension, for a tackle that acted as a thinly-veiled attempt to break an opponent’s leg, means he won’t play again – and won’t get the chance at one more butchering.

Unless he decided to retire a couple of weeks ago and what we all saw was his final flourish?

You wouldn’t put it past him. Just a thug with studs. Good riddance.

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