Why isn't Semmy first name on team sheet?

PUBLISHED: 09:00 27 September 2008 | UPDATED: 15:47 10 September 2010

Tim Allman, Capital Canaries

Supporting Norwich is a real emotional rollercoaster at the moment. Up and down and up and down, but without a twisty loop the loop. Well, not just yet anyway.

Supporting Norwich is a real emotional rollercoaster at the moment. Up and down and up and down, but without a twisty loop the loop. Well, not just yet anyway. Win-lose-win and fab, poor and ok would be a fair summary of the last three games, although the ok does have a huge debt of thanks to David Marshall stamped against it, just so we don't forget that he bailed us out big-time last Saturday.

Of our contracted players only two, in my view, are potential Premiership players. I haven't included Stefanovic, as my Fulham season ticket holder mate, who has seen Fulham play competitively on one hundred and eleven different grounds (no that's not a typo) over the years, reckons he was starting to get exposed for pace in his last season at the Cottage, and moved at the right time in his career.

So who are these two? David Marshall is one, and would have got my nomination even before he saved us from defeat in two games this season, against Birmingham and Sheffield United.

The other player and his selection against Sheffield United almost caused me to choke on one of my pre-match pints of hooligan juice in the Nelson.

My phone beeped into life with the team news on Saturday lunchtime, thanks to a forwarded text from a pal who subscribes to a certain news service. After having been dropped following the team's best performance of the season against Birmingham, it was very good news to see one of Peter Grant's best signings back on the teamsheet again.

My favourite player at Norwich now that Darren Huckerby has departed is John Otsemobor. A premiership quality player in the making, and lets hope we see him there in the future, maybe in a yellow and green shirt.

He's got pace to burn, is a more than decent defender, a good passer and crosser of the ball, and makes things happen when he is in possession. He is also a member of the best partnership on the pitch; Semmy and Crofty always seem to know where the other is, they interchange and cover each other well. And he provides width on the pitch, which was sadly lacking for a great deal of the match against QPR.

I only have one problem with my favourite City player. He doesn't get selected often enough. But I'm not sure that's his fault.

Although his performance at MK, along with the rest of the team, left a great deal to be desired, he more than took his chance in the Birmingham game and also against Sheffield United, where he won the match of the match bubbly just edging out David Marshall, although the timing of the decision looks to have had something to do with that.

Who knows whether he did enough to retain his place, but this City supporter, and quite a few of his mates, are starting to become more than a little mystified as to why Semmy is not one of the first names on the teamsheet.

It's not difficult to work out that if we wanted to buy Ryan Bertrand, John Kennedy, Arturo Lupoli, and Antoine Sibierski we wouldn't see much change from £15m, after we had shelled out the transfer fees and agreed how much we would be paying them over a two or three contract.

But it is difficult to work out why we have one of the best full-backs in the Championship needing to make sure he's got a his complimentary tickets sorted out when an inferior loan player gets the nod having been selected in his position.

The loan system has served us well, but in the case of Semmy, I'm not so sure.

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