Norwich City will remain self-funded moving forward - but Mark Attanasio is prepared to evolve the definition of that tag. 

There has been some concern over the Canaries' financial position, which shows high levels of borrowing - over £30million of which comes directly from Attanasio's led group. 

It alters the view that Norwich are self-funding in terms of spending only what they produce through player trading, commercial deals and other revenue streams. 

Attanasio wants to retain City's self-funding tag - but is willing to move the goalposts on what that looks like and means in the future. 

The American businessman, who is awaiting EFL ratification to take up his increased shareholding in the club, is prepared to invest from his own pocket into the playing squad to support sporting director Ben Knapper and look at infrastructure projects. 

Self-funding moving forward will be about retaining funding within their ownership group rather than a reliance on third-party loans. 

"We look at the loans that come from us as self-funding," Attanasio told the Pink Un. "One of the things that Delia and I were talking about after the meeting was that the plan is still to be self-funded.

"We need to get a plan from Ben (Knapper) as to what he wants to achieve. We had some meetings today about how we can expand the stadium, and the training ground and all of that requires capital.

"If you’re going to try and shift the roster in any way, and Ben (Knapper) is talking about making it younger, then that requires some capital.

"We are going to put a list down of everything that we want to achieve and then we will prioritise. Self-funding is the best programme because it keeps us in control. Once you bring it third parties, and it depends on the structure, we aren’t looking for big loans from other parties because then they have that hammer on you.

"In terms of equity investments, if you had a passive partner that provided a lot of capital on a very long-term basis, like 15 plus years, we would consider it based on what is best for this club to make sure we retain control.

The Pink Un: Mark Attanasio was speaking after attending Norwich City's AGM on Thursday.Mark Attanasio was speaking after attending Norwich City's AGM on Thursday. (Image: Adam Harvey/Newsquest)

"That isn’t a control obsession. There is an old American politician called Alexander Haig who when getting pressure, says ‘I’m in charge’. That isn’t what we are talking about. Delia and Michael know what is best for this community.

"I’ve used some of the passion and frustration we saw tonight – that shows they care. What you don’t want is people coming in but not asking questions because they don’t care. We want to keep control of what goes on in this community. This organisation is critically important to provide something to look forward to every week."