Former Norwich City sporting director Stuart Webber has admitted how tough it was to sack head coach Daniel Farke after more than four years working together.

The German was dismissed in November 2021, just six months after he and Webber had won their second Championship title with a record-breaking points total and in dominant fashion.

Farke's inability to succeed in the Premier League ultimately led to his dismissal, however, and Webber has now discussed the moment when he relieved his close ally of his duties.

"There is only me who can deliver this," he said, speaking of his thought process going into it. "I wouldn’t let anyone else do that. I have to own this moment.

"I owe that to him and this isn’t a time to hide. It is too easy to hide and tell him, ‘Listen, I wouldn’t be making this call but I am under pressure' or whatever, no, this is a moment I need to front it up because I owe that to him."

The Welshman expects the same level of honesty in his job, and told the VSI Sporting Director's Podcast that he had that at Carrow Road.

"I always said to the owners at whatever club I was at to be honest with me," he continued. "If you want to get rid of me, don’t send me an email, do it face-to-face. That honesty is hard.

"I think it is the biggest challenge for young managers, for sporting directors and players is to get people around them who tell them the truth.

"You need staff who are going to tell you that bus is coming and you don’t want to get run over by it. Not you get hit by the bus and they say ‘I assumed you’d seen it.’

"That is why the circle around you ends up being really tight. There might not be 20 people, it might be two, it might be one. I’m lucky with my wife I can ask her anything and she will give me an honest opinion."