Ken Aboh has a fan in David Wagner, but the highly-rated young Norwich City striker’s future is out of his hands.

The teenage forward has been prolific at Premier League 2 level this season, and was included in his first Championship matchday squad for the 4-1 win over Cardiff City.

Aboh is out of contract this summer and is yet to take up the club’s offer of a new longer term Carrow Road deal.

“He is super interesting for me, with everything what I've seen from him in training, and then the games, I really like him,” said Wagner. “The rest, I pass over to Ben (Knapper), and obviously Ken's representatives as well. But I really like him and here could be a way for him. And hopefully Ben can get it sorted.

“We are totally on the same page. Everybody who's knows me, or who knows what I've done in the last 15 years since I'm a manager, this was always one of my first aims to get as many academy players into the first team training, into the first team squad, onto the pitch.

"At Huddersfield we had Peter Billing, here with Jon Rowe, who made a super good impact, and when I was working before that with Dortmund’s second team.

"I started my career as an academy manager with under 17, under 19, under 23s as well. This is why I try to see as many games as possible if the under 23s play at home. If we have to make a decision to improve an academy player, or to sign a player for big money, then every manager loves to have an academy product.

"This is always the biggest aim, the highest aim. What our academy has produced in the past was outstanding, and this is for sure everybody's aim that it continues. The most important thing is the academy products have to be good enough.

"I think there are not a lot of football clubs in England who will get their chance, like they can get a chance here at Norwich City.”

Wagner also gave Abu Kamara his senior debut, and the 20-year-old attacker is grabbing headlines on loan in Portsmouth’s League One title charge.

“This only shows how much I rate him, and we all together thought a loan would be the right thing for him to do,” said Wagner. “Then it was all about choosing the right club, the right manager as well, and I think at the minute we can say that everything paid off for him, for us, for Portsmouth as well.

"Hopefully he can be part of a very successful season, and can contribute a lot, and this is what he has done so far.

“I wish him all the best, that he stays healthy and continues doing what he's done. And then I really look forward to a summer pre-season to see and work with him, and see how far we can push him.

"This was always our aim and we will follow him very closely until the end of season for sure.”