Norwich City fans have a first chance to quiz new head coach Johannes Hoff Thorup at a fans' forum event on Monday evening.

BBC Radio Norfolk and Pinkun columnist Chris Goreham hosts the event, with Thorup scheduled to be joined by sporting director Ben Knapper and executive director Zoe Webber at the Forum in Norwich.

What are the pressing issues, and what do you want to hear from all three ahead of the new Championship season?

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Another week of speculation around the likes of Adam Idah, Marcelino Nunez, Kenny McLean and to a lesser extent Gabby Sara. But City have yet to sanction any departures in the early days of pre-season.

If you exclude confirmation on Monday morning of the exit of set piece coach Andy Hughes to Leicester and the development signing of Lucien Mahovo from Notts County.

Idah was scheduled to return to pre-season training this week, amid fresh reports in Scotland of Celtic interest. How do you think it plays out, and is there a scenario the striker is brought back into new boss Thorup's plans?

Talking of forwards, City did confirm a new contract for Ken Aboh in recent days. Would you get the highly-rated striker out on loan in the Football League or keep him in the building?

Norwich's planned opening friendly trip to Stevenage on Tuesday was cancelled, but will you be in attendance at Northampton this weekend, and which players do you feel need to make a big pre-season statement?

This is your debate, not ours. You set the agenda.

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