A Norwich City result that settled old scores

Now that really is delivering, lads. Where to start?

Well, The Man is now perfectly content to scrub out last season, the fall from grace, and expects us all to work on making us deliver what Lambo wants. Keep this guy in charge and we’ll all get what we want.

It’s a bit funny thinking back to when he first got the job. Some former Scottish bloke we vaguely knew of. He’d played in Germany – which was a bit strange – and actually did well.

He’d failed miserably at Livingston, not that The Man has any great knowledge of what that means. He suffered mixed fortunes at Wycombe, and was all right at ColWho.

Then he came here, and we were all a bit underwhelmed.

It’s obvious he is pretty much Martin O’Neill, but a little younger, and it’s starting to feel like we may get from Lambo what we were robbed of from his grand master. Time will tell, but the ride’s been too good so far.

• So The Man questioned what was up with Holty a couple of months ago; openly wondered what was missing. Well, whatever it was, he must’ve found it in that ridiculous tuft of hair under his nose (good cause though, obviously).

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The man we never call The Horse was too good against the Binners. They couldn’t hack it – his quality, he hacking, his heart.

He probably should’ve had six instead of three, but it’s still enough for him to join Iwan, Malky and Leon.

I suppose we should thank the sweet FA. One bout of stubborness would have robbed us of Holty’s biggest moment in the shirt. Grant Holt, we do indeed . . . love you.

• John Ruddy’s been a keeper under pressure, and he can’t complain about that either – his spills brought it on.

But credit for Sunday. He showed it mattered to him by getting into it with each passing goal. Good job. He’s going to be around for a bit and you’d hope he’ll get better.

Always good to see it matters. Maybe he can turn those swings on the bar into trying to headbutt it when he runs out?

• So November’s come and gone and we’re all still alive. Let’s be clear, saying this season would be too soon to go up is stupid. If the chance comes, you take it.

And the fact is, we’re not going to be far off. We don’t get beaten and we can fight. Literally.

The Man, like in incomprehensible footballer, is scared of no one in the Chumpionship and unless an injury cluster bomb is dropped on Colney, we’ll go closer this season than we’ve managed since the last time we were up. That really is something else.