A year of dodgy signings

So 2006 comes to an end, and as far as all things Norwich City are concerned, it cannot come quickly enough. I can't think of anything from this year to relive with my grandchildren in the years to come.

So 2006 comes to an end, and as far as all things Norwich City are concerned, it cannot come quickly enough.

I can't think of anything from this year to relive with my grandchildren in the years to come.

Chief executive Neil Doncaster took a swipe at newspaper columnists and certain outspoken critics last week for playing the blame game, and he claimed that dwelling in the past was hurtful to Norwich City.

I will be conceited enough to suggest that I was one of those people he was referring to.

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Mr Doncaster claimed that the finger was being pointed at the directors and Nigel Worthington for the situation we find ourselves in.

Well, no doubt he believes that those who are doing so are in the minority. You made that mistake during the previous manager's reign, Neil.

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If the board and Worthington are blameless, just tell us where we should be looking in our quest to put things right.

Mr Doncaster told NCISA's annual meeting that “hindsight is an exact science.”

But just remember, Mr Doncaster, who told you within weeks of him arriving from Nottingham Forest that a certain full-back was injury-prone.

Who also told you that Preston North End had a midfielder described by their fans as a “tower of apathy?”

There was no hindsight required there - just a limited knowledge of the internet.

This year has also been littered with a collection of dodgy loan signings.

Whereas in years gone by every, say, 10 signings would throw up the odd misfit, recent history has shown that for every 10 signings we now end up with a couple of good ones.

That is not acceptable considering the amount of money that was given to the previous manager.

That money has now gone and Peter Grant will suffer the backlash of that for the foreseeable future.

Where exactly we will all be at the end of next year, I really do not know. Please inspire me to be positive about it, Mr Doncaster.

There is no need to convince me that everyone in the boardroom is passionate and in love with Norwich City. However, one or two people within it seem to think that a minority on the outside have fallen out of love with the club.

They could not be further from the truth.

My love affair began 40 odd years ago and has included historic nights at Orient and Watford in 1972, Wembley finals in 1973, 1975 and 1985, cup semi-finals at Villa Park and Hillsborough, and visits to Arnheim, Munich and Milan.

To tell me that history will see Worthington recorded as one of our legends is not for Mr Doncaster (who could well be out of a job if the unthinkable happens and we fall another division) to tell us.

We, the fans, will decide if that's the case as we recall the great moments of our club's history.

What is strange about the board's steadfast support for Worthington even today is that with other people, they have been quick to rewrite history.

Dean Ashton was the best thing since sliced bread until he left. We were then told that his desire to leave had unsettled the dressing room.

We were also told that Leon McKenzie would be going nowhere, but once he left we were told that he was another bad apple.

What's the betting that as soon as anything goes wrong at youth-team level, Keith Webb will be hung out to dry now that he's left?

The aftermath of Worthington's reign will be with us for a long time yet and will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Good luck to Grant and whoever comes in as his number two. Mistakes will be made along the long, hard road to the top, but when they are made, I am sure our honest, forthright manager will admit to making them.

And with that honest approach we can all look forward and be together as one.

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