Admission to the Premier League brings many changes

Times are a changing for Norwich City fans and for the club many of us have followed since childhood.

The Premier League is certainly the place where we have won the right to be after two of the most amazing seasons in the long history of the Canaries. It is so different from the Football League. We know that money at this level has an even greater influence on the end of season league table. The amounts involved are almost beyond the comprehension of ordinary fans.

Not only does club sponsorship operate at a different level but television coverage will change the fixture list received with your season ticket. Many a Saturday can become a non-matchday.

It follows that admission to the Premier League brings changes in pricing policies for fans. Economists will tell us that it is simply a matter of supply and demand but that does not mean that some supporters are not hurt by it.

On the football pitch the major change that we can expect to see and enjoy is that our skilful players will have a better opportunity to express themselves than when playing in the Championship. The chances of recognition at international level increase and with that the confidence levels of players in their own abilities.

Once again Paul Lambert has taken the summer break to build on and strengthen the playing squad. Competition for places in almost all positions has been increased and individual performance levels will have to improve if players wish to hold their places in the team.

Promotion has come at a time when technology is rapidly changing media coverage of football. Clubs at this level seek to control news concerning themselves. It is in their financial interest. However at the same time individuals have ever increasing opportunities to express their views with phone-ins, mobile phones, message boards and other aspects of the internet.

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It can be a positive sharing of ideas with a coming together of people with a love of football, but there are dangers. It provides a means of spreading unsubstantiated rumours about transfer targets and the activities of individuals. The increasing use of twitter and the internet by players and other club employees of football clubs is likely to become a major topic this season if it becomes a means of trying to negotiate club matters within the public domain.

Times are also changing within NCISA. With the approval of the AGM in late September the intention is to further develop social activities and facilities for Canary fans, but more about that nearer the date.

For now, NCISA wishes the team, the club and Canary fans the very best for this season. May we all play our part in changing the perception of other Premier clubs to Norwich City both on the field and off it.