Ah, it's all coming back to me now

The Man In The Stands There's nothing like a game against dirty Leeds to remind you why everyone's willing them to screw it up. Again.It's not the intimidation - The Man admires that.

The Man In The Stands

There's nothing like a game against dirty Leeds to remind you why everyone's willing them to screw it up. Again.

It's not the intimidation - The Man admires that. Millwall excel at it.

More the arrogance. The fact they still think they're bigger than League One is why they'll still be there next season.

As exhilarating as Super Chrissy Martin's winner was, rubbing Leeds' noses in the Millwall result as we waited for the scoreboard was priceless.

The Man struggles to work out at what point Andy Hughes felt he was worthy of touching Holty's shirt.

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Fortunately the Horse resisted lamping football's greatest 'trier' as he spoiled for a fight. That was, when he wasn't busy giving the ball away.

Maybe he misses Carrow Road so much he wants another go in the shirt?

If I was at Leeds, I'd feel the same. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

t A sea of calm has hit our dear rivals down the road.

This season was supposed to be a charge back to the big time.

In the end it's all crashed into a dull war of attrition that would be improved by something mildly interesting happening before it peters out. Like relegation.

But all is OK. As the scum's board bottle making a decision on mildly mad Roy Keane's future, he's revealed why it's all gone wrong.

“I came down to Ipswich to do a job and I don't think I've really started yet,” he said.

Which begs the question, what the hell has he been doing for 11 months?

Whatever the answer, The Man hopes he gets to keep it up next season.

And for any scummers wanting to make the point a dull season in the Chumpionship is always better than winning the doldrums at the first attempt, it's really not.

t From one point giving a toss, The Man's apathy towards the Ewes is flourishing.

And it seems the theme is similar in Essex.

It almost makes you feel sorry for Aidy Boothroyd: “We have been in the top six all season and there are plenty of seats - they can buy three or four if they want a lie down.”

At least Aidy appreciates the effects of the long ball game.

t What the hell is up with Manchester?

First it was United deciding they liked the look of our colours. The protest still smacks of double standards, by the way.

Now Citeh are copying our goal celebrations.

Carlos Tevez decided to go running around with his shin pad in the air when he scored however many it was against plastic fantastic Wigan during the week.

Someone should tell him Littl' Wes did that six months ago at Carlisle.

Give it up Manchester, you're starting to look stupid.