As much as we love Holt, there’s something missing

No need to panic obviously, but it would be stupid not to ask questions while things are going along all right. Like what is up with Holty? Is he unfit, just half asleep with too much on his mind, or is the Chumpionship really a bridge too far?

Because as much as we love him, there’s something missing.

OK, Doncaster were half decent, and we’re going to lose more than once this season. The effort was there too.

But you wonder if we’re on a honeymoon. All three promoted sides starting like a house on fire – Are Blackpool really going to survive a season in the ‘Brand EPL’? We’re not in the same boat, but it’s still safety first for now – especially if we get an attack of the jitters.

One thing that has caught the eye is Andrew Crofts – now there’s someone who looks the part.

The Man confesses to being distinctly underwhelmed when the boy joined, but since the Chumpionship got going he’s delivered, even when the rest of them are struggling. And he knows when to foul. You know, the good fouls when players are on the break. The cynical stuff.

Too often we’ve been screwed over by being on the receiving end, so keep it up Croftsy (as he’s almost certainly known at Colney).

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• It can’t just be The Man who’s feeling the squeeze. All those bits you could buy at the ground – and the ticket to get in, at prices the club’s much treasured community spirit was based on it.

That’s changed now. Crowds are down – not much, but down – even though there are more seats. The queues for a cuppa are too.

No accident there, of course. It’s all about the money coming in, and that’s what McGnarly wants. Fair enough.

The squeeze has been more of a tickle so far, which isn’t surprising given we’ve been pretty good on the pitch.

Whether the changes, like watering down the consultations on season ticket prices, will become a problem in the future if that form on the pitch stutters? The Man wonders...

What happens on the pitch is key – and you can’t complain now it is finally taking priority.

• Barnsley, 74 years and counting; those Tykes bring the best out of us.

First, Hollywood and The Hills’ very own Jason Shackell got a remarkably warm reception. Not bad considering the welcome he got when he turned up for Wolves. Then there were Declan Rudd’s wobbles. It was great to see us give him a jee-up rather than a slating. You know what would have happened a few seasons ago.

• A quick dwell on the mighty Wolves. Good to see they’re using their unprecendented second season in the top flight to ensure every club really does hate them before their inevitable relegation in May.

That’s the way we all like it. Kevin Muscatt would be proud.