At least the sick feeling has eased a little

The Man In The Stands You probably only get one moment in the spotlight as a League One club - and The Man feared we'd already had ours.Ewe-gate made me feel ill for four days, couldn't sleep for three.

The Man In The Stands

You probably only get one moment in the spotlight as a League One club - and The Man feared we'd already had ours.

Ewe-gate made me feel ill for four days, couldn't sleep for three. It came and left a trail of destruction.

We were the laughing stock of this country's favourite game. The Doc said it, so it must be true.

I don't think there has ever been a more painful time to be a City fan - this wasn't relegation, there was no sympathy. Only sniggering.

OK, we've won since, 4-0, pride regained etc. But the fact is Ewe-gate shouldn't be forgotten or brushed under any carpets.

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Like swine flu, it needs to be treated over time - in this case with 10 doses of good league results.

Repeat the 4-0 tricks at Exeter, Brentford and Wycombe, and my headache will go.

And that means keeping the players who are worth the shirt.

As uneasy as it is having a loaned number one, Ben Alnwick, needs to stay.

The same for Mickey Spillane and Jens Askou, they should stay where they are - in the starting XI.

Michaels Flapalot-klitos and Nelson? Jon Otsemobor? Weeks on the sidelines please.

There's no point having competition for places if you don't reward good performances - and I'm sure Gunny realises his second XI has helped keep him in the job a bit longer.

Anyway, two games and 12 goals means we're interesting to the outside Norfolk crowd at the moment - so at least we get a second shot at the limelight.

The Man is sad the League Cup isn't the respected competition it was when we last won it, but at least we got a good second round draw.

Sunderland at home. It feels like a cup run already - until we get knocked out on the telly.

* * * * * * * * *

We're finally benefiting from having our own players.

No, not by getting hammered. By giving them stupid nicknames.

Gunny has rightly let slip Grant Holt's nickname - The Horse - which The Man thinks we should all use from here on in.

At least we know we've got a whole season to use it.

Apparently the moniker comes from his work rate - and The Man can't argue with that.

Even Ewe-gate saw The Horse as one of our least-crap players, plus he had the balls to talk to the media after the game - our captain, on the other hand, spent two days getting his head together.

And then The Horse gets a hat-trick on Tuesday.

The Man is a fan, we just need a chant to do him justice.

'Feed The Horse and he will score' is rubbish - but I'm hoping it ends up on The Barclay before the month is out.

* * * * * * * * *

A silver lining to Ewe-gate? How about a chance to make some money.

Our League One position is so bad it should be funny.

We're only propped up by a club that virtually went out of business in the summer and started on -10 points - yet suddenly finds �1m for Ricky Lambert. That in itself is disgraceful.

Extensive research tells The Man we last had a positive GD on August 18, 2007, after a Curo brace (I know) helped us beat Southampton.

The question is, when will our -6 opening day goal difference turn positive? Well worth a sweepstake.

My money is on April 24, after beating Gillingham and just before we finish 13th and hail a late recovery that 'rescues' our season.

* * * * * * * * *

The Man admits a smile on hearing Scotland got thrashed in Norway.

Nothing personal to those north of the border, just David Marshall.

Last season he was a shadow of the highly rated star we signed.

We didn't lose by more than two goals all season, but he cut a more shaky, bemused figure with each game.

And like all ex-Canaries, I begrudge them success anywhere else.

Mind you, my smile for Marsh was restrained compared to the heart attack I suffered when I saw David Carney crack one in from 35 yards for Oz against Ireland.

We've already had Chris Killen turn into a world class striker during the summer, despite an apparent inability to beat Michael Nelson over six metres.

And now we'll get to watch Andy Marshall sit smugly on the Aston Villa bench as he picks up millions for not playing football.

Another reason to switch off the Moneybags League, I think.