At what point does it get too good for Norwich City?

Life can’t get much better as a City fan at the moment... well, unless you’re 63, on a pension and planning to renew your season ticket.

Still, apart from that. The accounts look good. While it’s not exactly clear how, at least McGnarly and Bowkett have started to get the big numbers heading in the right direction.

We’re even performing on the pitch while they do it. That’s pretty much an alien concept in these parts.

It’s all coming together. Super Chrissy Martin is still a matchwinner.

John Ruddy is just about commanding his area. Even Foxy is starting to call the shots in midfield.

Enough of this blind optimism – time to worry over the visit of Pay Up Pompey on Saturday.

Quite how a team that may as well be �1bn in debt is still playing football is anyone’s guess, and clearly they’re not rubbish. But it’s time we seize the moment. That means sorting out our home form properly, and taking six points from six. At least Lambo’s back on the sidelines.

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• The Man is still not tiring of mocking the Binners – there’s too much fun in it.

A question. Why would you paint your lines on the pitch blue?

Maybe it’s one of those cringe-worthy partisan moves like putting your number 12 as “The Fans” in the matchday programme.

You’d argue blue lines instead of white would make the game harder to watch, but when you’re barely bringing five-figure attendances that’s not much of an issue.

Plus the manager believes they don’t understand what they are watching anyway.

Their crowd for a League Cup quarter-final was a disgrace. And there’s no jealousy here given they actually won. The Man doubts there’ll be much joy in being whipped by Arsenal twice.

Just like a 4-0 glamour tie defeat at Stamford Bridge in the FA Cup would make a season highlight. Hardly.

• As for I******’s efforts at the weekend, credit to Andy d’Urso.

After seasons of being afflicted with the ability to screw us over, the worm has turned. He’s screwed that lot over instead, and done it a treat.

Just watching the highlights, seeing rows of blue seats and hearing the apathetic silence, you’ve got to wonder what’s in store for the Binners this season. You just wonder...

It never rains but it pours, hey riled Roy? Keep it up.

• And as if that wasn’t enough, the Binners unveiled losses of �14m for last season.

Not only is that careless, how can you lose so much money while achieving nothing? At least we managed it by getting promoted.