Aylsham stay in pole position

Aylsham Ladies travelled to Aldiss Park in Dereham to continue their league campaign.

The final score was 8-1 and Aylsham continue to sit unbeaten at the top of the league table.

Dereham have struggled in the league this year but Aylsham couldn’t afford to be complacent, as they were determined to continue their unbeaten run.

Dereham are a strong, physical team but Aylsham managed to match this, putting in good tackles, especially from Georgie Bobbin. The first goal came when Dereham conceded a penalty after the defender mistimed a tackle in the area. This was converted by Gina Atherton, who then quickly added two more. Aylsham were in complete control of the game; the defence halted the Dereham attacks brilliantly, with Flick Farraway, Shaz Bunn, Emma Gillespie and Di England in great form. Before half-time Abby Timmins, Amber Roberts, Gina Atherton and Annie Smith all scored, to make it 7-0 at half-time.

In the second half the Dereham defence were better organised and stopped more of the Aylsham attacks. Dereham got a goal midway through the half when Aylsham failed to clear a corner. The speed and power of Michaela England on the wing was a constant threat, but Aylsham only added one more goal to their tally, scored by Annie Smith.

Thanks to team sponsors Aylsham Computers and linesman Ash Hunton.

Aylsham: Sam Ede, Shaz Bunn, Flick Farraway (captain), Di England, Emma Gillespie, Debbie Kelly, Georgie Bobbin, Abby Timmins (manager), Michaela England, Amber Roberts, Annie Smith, Gina Atherton.