Barnett owes us a couple when he’s back

So that’s where the ghost of David Nielsen got to. To recap, he’s the guy we loaned from Wimbledon – the proper Dons – and scored six goals in six games.

So we made the arrangement permanent – and he couldn’t hit a barn door for the rest of the season.

Flash forward however many years it is. Leon Barnett – clam, cool, reliable. He looks the part alongside Elliott Ward.

We pull off signing him. He agrees to sign a permanent deal.

And 24 hours later, he gets himself sent off, something in his head blows up and he throws the ball at ref.

Brilliantly funny. We all wanted to do it. But unbelievably stupid.

It could be a coincidence, but The Man feels darker forces at work.

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It has to be said, getting Leon in permanently is a sound move. Two centre-backs who work well together, both have got time on their side. That is something to build on.

But considering he’s been a bit stupid and will probably have to sit on the sidelines for a few weeks, Leon owes us a couple when he’s back.

• The thing about Lambo is he gets it. Hearing he has a list of signings he wants if we’re still in and around it – which we should be – is exactly right.

The Man was getting a little tired of things being underplayed every week. Although it’s sod’s law we then go and lose, of course.

But there’s nothing to worry about here. After all, we’re away next.

Coventry and their glorified Tupperware box to be precise. Time to give Sammy Clingan and David Bell a wave as we go by – presumably they’ll be on the bench given they’re midfielders and Aidy Boothroyd is in charge. And Aidy – another of those 5-0s would do just fine, thanks.

• David Nugent was sickening on Saturday. The Man admits he coouldn’t hack it. Someone coming down here, taking it, dishing it out in return and then having the audacity to win the game single-handed.

He tore us apart twice, and had the banter to go with it. It made The Man sick. The only conclusion – Pompey don’t deserve him.

Surely Pompey should be more of a shambles than they are at the moment? Or did they really get away with getting �120m in debt? Think we all know the answer to that.

• Credit where it’s due. Newcastle United are trying to remind us how stupid they are – but I****** still rule the roost. Good to see.

Maybe someone just made up the fact Riled Roy and Damien Delaney had a bust up.

It’s clearly not a happy Poorman Road. Loan players, debts, apathy.

And in a relegation battle. Just imagine them in League One. Go on.