Barnett to Blatter all in one week

As another international weekend comes and goes - and with it this time an England victory over the world champions - surely we must be favourites for Euro 2012 now, hmmmm then again maybe not.

Can’t get away this week without mentioning the Poppy gate saga. So FIFA just about got it right in the end in my opinion, but the organisation is still very unpopular around the world (with maybe the exception of Qatar) and needs to change radically. Closer to home and a quick thank you and respect to the people of Norwich for the reception they gave to those of us on the Remembrance Parade on Sunday, as we marched (well a controlled walk) from City Hall to the Cathedral.

Moving on to Norwich City, as it stands we have played 11, won three, lost four and drawn four, giving us a total of 13 points. Now, how many people at the start of the season would have been happy with this? Well, me for one. My personal predictions at this stage were for us to be on 14 points (45 points season end?).

In 2004 after 11 games we had seven points after 11 games with a goals F-A of 10-18 compared with 16-18 this season. Under Worthy, we had seven points, all draws, park the bus was a favourite tactic if memory serves me right.

Despite this start, certain team members still come in for criticism which I find harsh given the performances I have witnessed this season. Listening to some of the comments at Aston Villa, it seems some of our fans need to get real. On the day at Villa Park their front two (who are top English internationals), gave our back four a very tough time.

Yes there have been only one or two players who have performed consistently from the start of the season, the rest have had the odd blip during recent games. But at the end of the day let’s not lose sight that this weekend saw the first round of the FA Cup for teams like Sheff Wed and Charlton. That was us two years ago at Paulton Rovers in the first round, the press were circling, just waiting for City to fail. However, we disappointed them and they had to settle for a quick interview with Delia, but no cries of “Let’s be havin you” this time.

With seven weeks to the transfer window, I have to agree with Lambert in that we need a couple of players to help out, maybe one defender, a midfielder and a striker.

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