Blackpool tie is stuff of dreams

There was an almost life-reducing pause after Crystal Palace's name was pulled out of the hat on Monday.

There was an almost life-reducing pause after Crystal Palace's name was pulled out of the hat on Monday.

With just a few balls remaining, The Man swore at the TV as he was pretty sure he knew what was coming next: “**** off, no, please no!”

My mind clouded with images of the Palace public address booming out: “And the scorer of the fourth goal is Shefki Kuqi - SSHHHEFKI?”

Recent visitors to that dump know what comes next…

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Thankfully, the young lady did not grab hold of number 14, and we were safe.

There would have been no worse climax than to end our season in late January with another humiliating defeat at Selhurst.

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The Man hopes this near death experience marks at least some indication that things could be changing for the better.

I know I'm clutching at straws; but we haven't got a lot else to cling to at the moment.

As it happened, it's another great draw.

Fresh from the soaking at Tamworth, we've been given another uncovered terrace with which to wile away a Saturday afternoon.

This is what the FA Cup is about - new venues, and a good old-fashioned battle.

We'll have 1,800 decent fans there, and - although it's 50/50 in terms of getting a result - it will be an experience, just like Tamworth.

On the subject of Tammy, well done to Peter the Pointer (PTP) for getting our boys through it.

Once again, the Double D was awesome. It's such a shame he hasn't got that disorder Karate Kid actor George Macchio has which keeps him forever young. Who knows? Maybe he has.

While on the subject of combat, there was an ironic moment at Tammy.

As Andy Hughes was warming up in front of our fans, he was blissfully unaware the gentlemen with whom he had the infamous altercation with after the Burnley game were mere centimetres away.

Despite the culprits' friends trying to alert Hughes to the situation, the mad clapper never found out. Incident averted.

t No wonder we rolled Tammy over so easily - if the pre-match comments of their manager are any reflection of ability.

Lambs' boss Mark Cooper, a former Exeter player, wrote in the match programme: “I personally hope lightning doesn't strike twice.

“My previous FA Cup encounter with Norwich City as a player with Exeter back in the early 90s ended in a 5-2 replay drubbing after we had a two-goal lead pegged back in the first meeting.”

Erm, no Mark, that's not strictly true.

It was 1-1 (Fleck) at Exeter, and then 2-0 (Rosie and Gordon) to us in the reply.

But what's a mere seven goals between friends.

For the statistical observation above The Man thanks a programme-hoarding - and particularly fastidious - member of his entourage. Honk, honk.


Worried about our lack of new signings?

Well, don't be, because - aside from Chris Brown - at least there was one new face in a Canary shirt this week.

Yes, left-back Lawrance Hunter turned out for our second string in the reserve game against Spurs.

And who is he?

You guessed it. He's the son of our esteemed coach Martin Hunter.

A quick internet search did not bring anything up on Lawrance, so I'm not exactly sure what his pedigree is.

Maybe he will turn out to be the next Paolo Maldini. I can't really comment on his ability as The Man did not watch the game.

Or maybe Hunter junior was just doing us a favour, given the general famine of our squad.

But of course, the fear is that it is nepotism of the worst kind. What next? Is Mr Carrow's sprog going to get a run out. Maybe the tea lady's boy has got a decent left peg?

After all, we don't get many reserve fixtures these days, so you would hope the rare opportunities we do get to offer non-league players and youngsters a trial are not wasted…

Also, from the EDP report on the game against Spurs were the following paragraphs: “Matthieu Louis-Jean (leg strain) and Peter Thorne (mouth abscess) withdrew prior to kick off after being originally named in the starting line up.

“Paul McVeigh (chest infection) was left out of the Canaries squad...”

The Man thinks that says it all really.

To say Cardiff and Nottingham Forest saw us coming would be an understatement. It almost brings me to tears to think about the money we have wasted on Thorne and MLJ.

How can two players pass their medicals and then remain almost permanently unfit for 18 months?

The fact these two were brought in to supposedly reinforce a title challenge is now laughable.

We can only hope the board will not allow the current manager to repeat similar mistakes, or will realise that if you are getting someone from a Championship or League One side for free there is normally a damn good reason why.

On that score latest recruit Brown certainly has a “colourful” past so I think it's safe to assume the club has done its job properly and well and truly run the rule over him.

But as my old head master used to say, before lashing The Man with a slipper: “You should never assume anything…”


The Man has done some pretty silly things in order to watch his team over the years - but never this silly…

It was reported this week that 30 Cardiff fans are set to watch their game at Wolves from a Luftwaffe style airship after the vile Midlands club banned away supporters from the fixture.

I would consider pulling a similar stunt at Portman Road to avoid giving those debt dodgers my money - although depending on whose playing I'm not sure how safe it would be.

The Man can't really believe the Cardiff fans are going to go through with it, but if they do take to the skies they need to be on the lookout for any Wolves fans in Spitfires - if previous receptions at Molineux are anything to go by.

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