Board has got on with the job

John Tilson, NCISA I used to think that you could twist and turn statistics to suit the argument whichever side you were on but the longer I look at the League One table the more incredible it looks.

John Tilson, NCISA

I used to think that you could twist and turn statistics to suit the argument whichever side you were on but the longer I look at the League One table the more incredible it looks.

A total of eight points clear of Charlton in third place and an unbelievable total of eighteen in front of seventh placed Huddersfield has put us in a most commanding position.

Just go back six games to Boxing Day when Leeds sat top by eight points from us and seventh place was only eight points below and I would have been accused of taking some dodgy substance if I had said we would be where we are today.

I take my hat off to the players who have taken us to these dizzy heights and while they bask in the headlines after taking yet another three points it is what has gone on off the pitch that has caught my eye.

For far too long this club has been run by a number of people who have talked the talk but been unable to walk the walk as far as football administration is concerned. The mistakes as far as appointments are concerned have been well documented and judgments on a day to day basis have been flawed.

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There is no point in dwelling on them and whilst the finances are perilous credit must be given to whoever got David McNally and Alan Bowkett on board.

How refreshing not to have photographs of directors and the chief executive accompanied by thousands of words of spin splashed all over the back pages on a weekly basis.

No, these guys have sat behind their respective desks and got on with the job in hand. It appears that one look at Colney was enough for Mr McNally and what he saw obviously brought about the Colchester chairman's little hissy fit which he still cannot get over.

Whilst on that subject congratulations to our directors for the way they conducted themselves over our recent visit to Essex despite the venom and bile that was spat in our direction from the said Mr Cowling.

As I just said our finances are perilous and the dreaded word "administration" has been doing the rounds recently but when I am told something by our board and CEO I believe what I am told.

We have managed to keep predators at bay during the January transfer window and I am convinced it is because at last we have a man who knows about football pulling the strings at Carrow Road. Turn the clock back to the previous regime and I am pretty sure the likes of Holt and Hoolahan would have played their last games for us.

What can be said of our manager in all of this? It is blatantly obvious that the players think highly of him and the bond he has with them and the supporters was evident at Walsall. I watched his every move at the final whistle and he stood onto the pitch and pressed the flesh with every single player and member of backroom staff before walking some fifty yards across the pitch to acknowledge the travelling support. A touch of the Martin O'Neil maybe and more than a touch in his press and television interviews means you can almost reach out and touch his charisma.

This article is being written with the club AGM twenty four hours away and I am confident that, unlike previous years recently, the manager will not come under the spotlight with regard to transfers, tactics, etc but it will be a night of some unpalatable detail with regard to finance. The usual suspects will get to their feet and make a five minute speech about how Norwich City FC should be run but just for once I think there may be a few put downs from Mr McNally and Mr Bowkett. Those shareholders that attend every year know where I am coming from.

Finally can I thank everyone for their patience while the NCISA website is being updated and redesigned. Being a technophobe I have no idea what Chris Wright who is undertaking the task is up to but Like Mr McNally I believe what he tells me!