Board’s attitude stirring up bad feeling

WHILE catching up on City news via the web, I have to admit that I find myself getting more annoyed and disillusioned with what I read about our current situation.

WHILE catching up on City news via the web, I have to admit that I find myself getting more annoyed and disillusioned with what I read about our current situation.

First off is the article reporting on Mr Skipper's comments. Mr Skipper seemingly does not see the necessity for change (of management) and does not see it as being particularly relevant to the difficulties we've got at the moment. What?

What other problems do we have apart from an expensively assembled side with no commitment, shape, idea, flair and confidence? How long do we give Mr Worthington to change it round? Come on, tell us. Seemingly, it's up to Worthington and co to resign when they've had enough. I wish I had a job were I could under perform and then dictate when I was leaving (of course with a nice 12 months pay to help me along).

Mr Skipper also states that he knows that a lot of people will not agree but that comes with sitting in the "hot seat" and you have to come to conclusions. The conclusion I have is you don't know what you are talking about Mr Skipper and to illustrate this point he goes on to say "protests are making it uncomfortable for families on match days". This is just short of accusing the protestors of being thugs. It's an outrageous statement to level at a passionate bunch of law-abiding citizens who pay good money to watch absolute rubbish week in, week out.

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The business (and let's face it that's what all clubs are now) that ignores its core customers will soon find itself without a business to run. The "we know better than you" attitude does not do anything but poison an already volatile atmosphere. I also resent the comparison to the Chase years because, believe it or not Mr Skipper, I do appreciate the magnificent turn round in the financial day-to-day running and the improvement in the ground etc but most important to us (the ordinary fan) is the team and barring a few exceptions we have been unacceptably dreadful.

Next, I read a couple of Rick Waghorn articles in which he asked us to look at the body language of the team and make our own minds up. Well, after Selhurst Park, I think we have a pretty watertight case for a change. Eleven hopelessly unorganised individuals traipsing off, head bowed after another away embarrassment. This was followed on Monday by Drury's: "If we are going to lose we have to shut up shop and lose 1-0" comment. Talk about the power of positive thinking.

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Mr Waghorn had also written an article about Thursday's meeting, which seemed to me to be belittling the whole idea of holding such a meeting. The usual argument goes "If you think you can do better then go ahead…" That's like complaining your doctor is rubbish and being told by the medical board to do it yourself.

As a customer/supporter of this club, I feel I should make my feelings know on what I think of the management team, having watched the results for the past two seasons and the only way to make this board notice is to have meetings such as Thursday's. We are rubbish and going nowhere (on the pitch that is Mr Skipper).

Finally, there is an argument that the people that want Worthington, Foley and Livermore removed are a minority.

The simple way to resolve it is to ask your season ticket holders and members if they want a change. Send out a form (I'm sure the supporters' groups could fund it) and then get a club representative and a supporters' group representative to oversee the results. That would stop any arguments either way.

All I will say to conclude is that if you keep having a go at supporters (Skipper, Worthington, Green . . .) that don't agree with you and who have backed you to the hilt in the last five years, watch as your revenue takes a sharp drop as more and more people become disillusioned and spend their money elsewhere. Not me, though, because even if I disagree with you, you are only the current custodians. This is my club.

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