'It's obvious this idea was c***' - City boss on failed European rebel league

Norwich City's epic 3-2 Premier League win over Manchester City in 2019 was one for the underdog

Norwich City's epic 3-2 Premier League win over Manchester City in 2019 was one for the underdog - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke has made his own feelings crystal clear on the abandoned European Super League farce. 

The Norwich City boss refused to be drawn earlier this week following the shock announcement six Premier League clubs had served notice to join a breakaway closed shop. 

But after all six later signalled their intent to withdraw, following a public backlash uniting government, fans and the football institutions, Farke delivered his verdict on Friday afternoon. 

This was his full reaction. 

“I didn't want to have too many comments because we're not involved and we are currently playing at Championship level. And it's still my gut feeling that doesn't help that if right now each and every club wants to win some points and getting some praise if they criticise the Super League. 

"I think the reaction speaks for itself. It doesn’t make sense that I join in with the punishment.  

“It’s obvious this idea was c*** and when you have some days to read a little bit of the background, and you start to see a league where 15 members are permanent, it's not about football, just about earning money.  

“My general message and feeling is in all the decisions football makes - whether that is a new Champions League, or some new competitions, or whatever - the most important topic is we have to make sure that football is a game for human beings. Football is a game for supporters and football is not just about money, about contracts, about business. It's not about posturing, it's for each and every one.  

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“You don’t just have to be rich in order to take part in or support a football club. 

"Football is successful when each and every one has a chance to win the game. Big club, small club, a club with much money or with less money. That is what makes this game so unique. Because even David can beat Goliath.  

“Now we have to make sure that that it stays like this and football stays pure.  

“Of course, it's also part of business, and money is also important and we can't moan and complain too much about this. But all the decisions that we take have to be in the sense of the supporters, and to make sure that football is for human beings and for supporters.  

“I think it was quite obvious that this idea of a Super League was against all the values that we want football to stand for. Yeah, that was really c*** and I don't need to punish it as well. So I think the reaction of the last two or three days says it all.  

“I think this problem is sorted. We won't have to speak about this topic in the next couple of months or whatever. That is a very good thing.” 

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