Farke holds fire on rebel league

Norwich City have sealed a Premier League return but Liverpool are one of the clubs threatening to join a rebel league

Norwich City have sealed a Premier League return but Liverpool are one of the clubs threatening to join a rebel league - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke aims to steer clear of the fallout from a proposed European Super League until he can assess the full impact for newly-promoted Norwich City. 

Farke was keen not add his voice publicly to the growing anger and resentment across the game on Monday, after six English Premier League clubs indicated they are part of plans to launch a lucrative rival league. 

That prompted a stinging response from government and the game’s powerbrokers, at home and abroad, with threats to ban those clubs from this season’s European competitions or the players from featuring at international level. 

The remaining 14 clubs in this season’s Premier League are scheduled to meet on Tuesday to plot their next move. City will be part of that exclusive club next season - and that is the only certainty Farke wants to deal in for now. 

“I have enough to do in order to plan our mid to long term future. The Super League is not a topic for us,” he said. “We were not asked if we wanted to be a permanent member of this Super League. I don't want to comment. I could give you my private opinion and tell you if I like this or if I don't like this, but I have to respect my role.

"I am the manager of Norwich City and I have to represent Norwich City. It's also not helpful if right now every club commented on this decision publicly.  

“If I'm honest, I just read the headline like everyone else. I didn't have the time to take all the information in about the background and the impact and how it should actually work.

"Without having all the information, I don't want to judge it. When there's such a decision, it's quite normal it polarises and many people are quick to judge.

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"But I am not in a private role. Until things are clear and the full details are out there we won’t comment on it.” 

English, Italian and Spanish clubs make up the proposed 12 rebels but German powerhouses Bayern Munich and Farke’s previous club, Borussia Dortmund, were notable absentees from the scheme labelled ‘disgraceful’ by Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin. 

“In Germany they are pretty careful to allow an investor into a club. It is a special topic in Germany,” said Farke. “I worked for Dortmund. But I have not spoken to them or Bayern in the last days to fully know the background to any decision they have made or not made.  

“He has to judge it. He is in that role. That is his task. It is not mine. I haven’t had time to see what the impact is likely to be on the domestic leagues or the other clubs not involved in this. I like to judge things when I know all the implications. Right now there has to be a lot of discussions to find the right solution.

"Once the dust has settled then you can perhaps give a public view on it. In a few weeks time maybe I can speak a bit more about it when we have the knowledge. Now it is just speculation.” 

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