Farke's personal message to City fans

Daniel Farke had a rare chance to salute Norwich City fans earlier this season against Sheffield Wednesday

Daniel Farke had a rare chance to salute Norwich City supporters earlier this season in one of the pilot Championship games against Sheffield Wednesday, due to restrictions on attendance in the pandemic. - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke insists the absence of Norwich City fans this season due to the pandemic will make Championship promotion even more special.

City will be back in the Premier League if they beat Bournemouth at Carrow Road on Saturday night, although it could come earlier in the day if both Swansea and Brentford slip up.

But there will be no home supporters inside the stadium to savour the second promotion of the German's tenure.

City announced earlier this week fans will not return over the league run in, with only a handful able to watch the champions-elect at a small sample of pilot events earlier this season.

Farke urged Norwich followers to continue to observe the protocols around socially distanced gatherings this weekend, and promised a celebration when the time is right.

Here was his full transcript at his pre-match press call on Friday at Colney

"I would dedicate this (promotion) to our fans. It has been such an important year in all our private lives. 

"I get the feeling it doesn't take anything away from our success. It makes it perhaps even a bit more valuable because you cannot be that selfish and just think about our success and how important it is for the club, and also from a financial point of view, or something like this, but also about our community and what other people went through in such a difficult pandemic period. 

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"There are many worries about the future, about the financial future with families, about jobs and sometimes about health and in a really difficult time to give them also some joy winning football games is to achieve something amazing. I think this makes this promotion perhaps even a bit more valuable, perhaps not in the moment when you can celebrate because celebrations are not the same without the supporters but in general I get the feeling perhaps this promotion would be even more valuable in comparison to two years ago, because it was such a strange time for human beings.

"In this moment. I think you have to think about the responsibility to play football for the people and to represent the yellow shirt - to make them proud and to give them some distraction as well to bring joy in order to also help them to come through this difficult period.

"I'm pretty sure that they appreciate this and will help us in some difficult periods that will come for us next season. But in general I also got the feeling we can celebrate together, perhaps not in these weeks but in the future. I'm pretty sure our club will also find a way to celebrate and to savour what we have achieved and we'll do this that's definitely for sure. 

"Of course we are unbelievably disappointed because football without our supporters is not the same. You would wish that they would have been there for some amazing nights. I’m pretty sure we would have had a few thousand at Derby to see us get to 90 points. Or when I think about the Huddersfield game, or those late Mario Vrancic goals earlier in the season when I am pretty sure Carrow Road would have exploded. 

"The most important topic is that we do the job right now and to make them proud and I'm also proud of all supporters because they followed the guidelines, they were pretty disciplined and I think this was also one of the steps that we as a community, as a region, were able to go through this pandemic, of course in a difficult way, but more or less quite well in comparison to some other regions, I have to say.

"I'm also hopeful that they stay disciplined and follow the guidelines. We have to do this. It’s quite important my players also do this. We still have to follow the protocols and of course it's not a celebration like normal but I am sure we'll have the time to celebrate perhaps in a few weeks time. 

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