Farke reveals he could have left City

Daniel Farke could have left Norwich City before and during the Premier League season Picture: Shaun

Daniel Farke could have left Norwich City before and during the Premier League season Picture: Shaun Botterill/NMC Pool/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke rejected interest to leave the Canaries before and during the club’s difficult Premier League season.

Farke made the revealing admission at his pre-match press call ahead of Saturday’s crunch home game against Brighton.

The German’s superb job in sealing the Championship title last season made him a prized commodity last summer, and since the start of the disrupted top flight campaign, but Farke insists he owes a debt to City for giving him his big chance in England.

Here is the full Farke transcript on why he rejected other offers.

“If I am honest before the season and during the season I turned several offers down. I could have made my life easier with more money and the chance to spend more money (in the market) and fighting on a different level.

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“There was other approaches and possibilities. My feeling it was totally the right decision to help this club because I have too much love for this club and for these people. We need to stick to the plan.

“If the head coach gets stick along the way I can handle that. No problem. I knew it would be a tough season. We are all human beings. Everyone prefers to be praised than to be criticised.

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“I am strong enough to handle it and I am still enjoying this responsible role. For me, although it is tough the club have made the right financial decisions.

“It is hardly a secret. We had a record season, a legendary season. To win the title with record points and record goals and a special brand of football. It is always the same. When you are successful everyone is interested in you.

“That is the same for a sporting director, for players or a coach. That is quite normal. You are in the spotlight. I had more opportunities on financial terms but those are not my values. I am not selfish.

“It is not just about earning the most money or winning titles. One of my biggest values is loyalty. I am at the right place and I knew we could have this type of season. If I had cried in the summer to spend more money and then left everyone would have said they could see why.

“But that for me was definitely the wrong choice. The path we have chosen is the right way.

“Our key people, the owners, board and sporting director are exactly the right ones for the mid to long term success. I got the feeling I owe this club so much I can’t be selfish and not be in charge for a difficult season where I will be criticised.

“No, if there is someone who can handle this and knows the circumstances and has the status and trust of the people it was never an option to leave – not before, not during the season. I am unbelievably proud and blessed I have this trust.

“When you lose you accept the stick you chose the wrong line up or the wrong players. That is the business.

“It is not enjoyable to lose games, believe me, but for the mid to long term future of this club we have to stick to our plan.

“If it is Premier League, wow, if it is the Championship, then we have the financial solidity and the infrastructure to go again.

“I have too much passion and love for the people here so it was the right decision to stay and I am more convinced than ever. Even in these tough times.”

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