‘We are not Liverpool or Manchester City. We are not too good for this league’ - Farke goes on the front foot

Norwich City boss Daniel Farke feels the Canaries' Championship start deserves more credit

Norwich City boss Daniel Farke feels the Canaries' Championship start deserves more credit Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke delivered his right of reply to Norwich City’s critics regarding why the Canaries are not blowing away Championship rivals.

The City head coach accepts his squad must battle soaring expectations as well as opponents this season following a trio of late, late wins over recent days.

Norwich head to Brentford on Tuesday looking to build on what Farke insists is a solid start that deserves more recognition.

Here is the full transcript of Farke’s response, speaking at his pre-match press call on Monday at Colney, to those questioning whether his squad have been guilty of any complacency in the early weeks.

“We are not carried away. We had a good week and no other team won nine points last week. But the expectations are a bit higher. When you are relegated you have to deal with some topics. One of them is the mindset of other teams. Two years ago it was big clubs like Aston Villa or Leeds and no-one took any notice of us. We were not in the spotlight.

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“This season, it feels like playing Norwich is the game of the season.

“They are switched on, focused and trying to bring a special performance. Our expectations are now much higher. Whether it is supporters, or media or families of the players. That is quite normal. We are all humans and we all experienced a record season two years ago.

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“When we beat Millwall 4-3 or Bolton 3-2 the place was buzzing and in love with this team. I get the feeling now we get a late winner and we are speaking about we should have made it a bit easier.

“After seven games two years ago we didn’t have as many points and this time we are top of all the key statistics. That tells me we have done something right but it still feels like we are expected to win the game easier, or it is just Wycombe we are playing. Look at Reading, top of the league, they beat Wycombe 1-0 and they were lucky to win, but afterwards everyone connected to them is buzzing.

“We are not carried away. I feel it is the other way around. We have to value what we are doing right now a bit more.

“Maybe this is a bad example but imagine one of my young players and the most beautiful girl in their town asks them for a date to go to the cinema. The player would be buzzing and excited and ask his mother to iron his clothes. Maybe go to the hairdresser for a haircut and buy some flowers and get ready for the greatest day of his life.

“But if this young guy was already with, let’s say Keira Knightley, he might say that is nice but a new haircut is expensive, the cinema is busy and I am bit too lazy to buy flowers. I will probably stay on the sofa and watch a game of football. You are not excited any more.

“We are not Liverpool or Manchester City. We are not too good for this league. We cannot expect to blow teams away 4-0, 5-0. It is amazing we are producing late winners and dominating games so much.

“Our equaliser against Rotherham the other day, if that was two years ago, the build up would have been compared to Barcelona. Meanwhile, we are speaking about we rely on own goals.

“We have to feel this excitement. We have to enjoy this moment. It is difficult right now because the stadium is empty and the winning goal goes in with no fans instead of 27,000 yellow shirts. If that was a full house on Saturday you hear the roar for Mario (Vrancic)’s goal in Great Yarmouth. It is dangerous if we don’t allow ourselves to be happy and content.”

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