Farke hits back at ‘disrespectful, arrogant’ criticism

Daniel Farke has rejected claims he was tactically inflexible against Southampton
Picture: Paul Che

Daniel Farke has rejected claims he was tactically inflexible against Southampton Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke labelled criticism of his tactical approach against Southampton ‘disrespectful, arrogant and wrong’.

Farke launched a strong defence of his set up before and during Friday’s 3-0 Premier League loss, as he previewed Everton’s upcoming visit at Colney.

The City chief was responding to an article from Connor Southwell dissecting Farke’s Saints’ template.

Here is the full, unedited Farke transcript

“I told the players when you lose a game you have to accept all the criticism. Some were definitely right, some crossed the line and at times really disrespectful, a bit arrogant and the content was totally wrong to criticise.

“But no complaints because when you lose the game 3-0 you can’t win this argument. For that, it is important to accept the criticism. If you work in this business and you win you are praised sometimes more than you deserve and when you lose and the emotions come out sometimes the criticism is not deserved.

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“It is too much. Use that as energy to show a reaction.

“Listen I am working here three years. I am always self-critical. We had difficult periods in the first season. I always say criticise me not my players because I am experienced enough to handle it.

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“To say Southampton won the game because they were flexible and changed their approach.

“With all respect they have been in the same setup for months, with largely the same players.

“My coaching staff were labelled as blind because we didn’t react, not proactive, not flexible, stubborn, naïve, inexperienced. I never heard a poorer analysis of the game. We changed our base formation for this game.

“You can’t be more proactive. We changed four times during the game. We played with different base formations with and without the ball. I am not sure if people realise this. Max Aarons played three different positions during this game. We made four substitutions. Probably since I came here I have not been more proactive in a game. The problem is you can’t win the discussion. If I was to complain, you would say but you lost.

“My coaches are working their socks off and I am not concerned about myself but I am angry when my players or coaches are accused of not seeing the obvious.

“That is pretty disrespectful. I accept it. The coaches showed me the article and they were pretty down. But this is how football works.

“Listen, we all think we are experts in football. That is why we love this game. If I go to a restaurant, and I know nothing about cooking, I wouldn’t say to the chef this needs to be in the oven for five minutes longer, add some lemongrass or something. But we love this in football.

“But an article that can influence thousands feels a bit unfair.

“Sometimes you have to accept when the sun doesn’t shine.”

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