Farke confident City call the shots in transfer poker

Ben Godfrey is one of Norwich City's youngsters already touted with a summer exit Picture: Paul Ches

Ben Godfrey is one of Norwich City's youngsters already touted with a summer exit Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke insists Norwich City will call the tune in who stays and who goes this summer.

The Canaries’ head coach can do nothing to halt the speculation which has already seen Ben Godfrey, Max Aarons, Todd Cantwell and Jamal Lewis touted with summer exits following relegation.

Sporting director Stuart Webber made it clear recently City will not be bullied in the transfer market - and that is good enough for Farke.

“No one has been in my office asking to leave. Why would they? This club gave them trust and backing and no one forced them to sign long term contracts,” he said. “That tells me they were fully committed when they signed.

“I don’t have to convince them to stay. They signed contracts. No-one forced them to do that. If I sign for three or four years that is a sign of commitment.

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“Each and every player knows what they have at Norwich.

“Lots of backing, a big opportunity to develop if they are willing to work hard and improve as a player and a human being. We also have ambitions. We want to be established in the Premier League in the mid to longer term.

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“Everyone has wishes and dreams (to stay in the Premier League). But perhaps there is a responsibility to pay something back when we are no longer in the Premier League. That applies to every player and staff member. I am not worried. Believe me, Stuart (Webber) is capable of leading these discussions.

“The most difficult talk is for Stuart. I don’t have to negotiate with agents. I just concentrate on the task of winning games.”

Farke does not forsee a rocky road ahead, with player wage cuts the inevitable by-product of relegation.

“I don’t have to deal with that. Stuart, the players and the agents have to discuss that,” he said. “Whatever they earn, however long the length of the contract, for me, it is what they deliver on the training pitch and in the games.

“But I would say as a club we have no financial pressure, and our players are on long term contracts. When they go into the last year you have to balance out the right time to sell but all our important players are on long term contracts.

“We want to keep our group together. If we get offers, that is football. We have done something right in terms of developing these lads. But it is not like the situation two or three years ago when we had to sell James Maddison to keep the club going.

“There is no necessity to be scared. Our situation is totally different to where we were two or three years ago, when we had to sell our best players. Our task should be to keep this group and especially the young, quality players.”

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