Canaries making a move in league

You can all stop laughing now after I missed one of the most exciting games of recent times at Carrow Road last Saturday, and all for the most pathetic reason of moving house.

You can all stop laughing now after I missed one of the most exciting games of recent times at Carrow Road last Saturday, and all for the most pathetic reason of moving house.

From a day that was exhausting and pretty much a blur I have five distinct memories, and they all related to City.

First up was my dad shouting down the stairs that we were losing 1-0. The boxes I was unpacking seemed suddenly deeper and more full of junk than before. Time to bury myself in unwrapping their contents and pinning my faith on Earnie & Co.

Less than an hour later and knee deep in polystyrene packaging and the cry came that we were losing 2-1. Funny though how there seemed more hope for me in that one goal deficit than the previous one and all because we had scored, leaving that lingering chant in my mind that “once we score one we'll score more!”

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After what seemed like an eternity swimming in plastic bags and bin sacks in my new kitchen the speaking goal machine in the bedroom announced an equaliser from Lee Croft, and suddenly the sun seemed to shine through the persistent drizzle outside.

And so this mad woman then spent the remainder of the match muttering incantations under her breath willing all things good for our men (and no shortage of ill fortune on those who dared come to take our unbeaten home record away from us) whilst attempting to show the cat exactly where its lovely temporary toilet was! (And no - she didn't want to know and didn't think it was lovely at all).

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Full time, and glee erupted through the damp late afternoon mingled with extreme tiredness. We'd done it! What a comeback, not only good for the points tally and table position but also for that intangible thing managers and players like to call team bonding and morale.

Yes I felt dreadful that I wasn't there to witness it myself, but it sure as hell made my day…just like when I reminded the men who delivered my sofa that morning, both Man United fans, of what happened on the hallowed turf last time their star-studded line up rolled into the fair city! Beware the wounded Canary - we don't half peck back if threatened.

I guess it hasn't come as too much of a surprise to many City supporters to learn of Leon McKenzie's transfer request, although I for one would much prefer him to stay.

Injury sadly robbed him of much of last season and there's little sign of a starting berth for him so far this time round, which I'm imagining is the principal reason for the request.

Since the request has been turned down I would love to see Leon really knuckle down, put in plenty of hard work to regain a starting place and show us all over again what made him the instant hero he became at the back end of 2003 when his instinct for goal and never-say-die attitude were much talked about on the terraces and beyond.

As I believe him to be a fighter and not a quitter then we could yet see the very best of Leon this season, but he has to be given a chance to do so and at the moment it is difficult to see that opportunity, and herein lies one major difficulty, certainly for Leon himself.

As a rest from all my unpacking and sorting out I treated myself to an evening of watching Earnie and Robbo (Carl Robinson) play for the Welsh team that took on Bulgaria at Swansea on Tuesday. Was it two hours wasted? Not a bit of it!

Apart from both players having great opportunities to score they often combined well and were both unstinting in their efforts over the 90 minutes, though neither had the itinerant captain's arm band thrown at them despite it changing arms five times during the match! (Quiz anoraks take note - it's bound to be in the sports trivia round at the Daffodil & Leek's weekly prize bash sometime soon! Just who were the five to bark orders at the troops - and one for just a matter of seconds before being substituted I hasten to add?)

And while you're busy tying your brain in knots I shall be happily looking forward to returning to Norfolk on 26th for the visit of Barnsley - 4-3 anyone?!

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