Ranking every Norwich City away kit from the 21st century from worst to first

NCFC away kits

Which is your favourite Norwich City away kit? - Credit: Archant

After Norwich City unveiled their new away kit for the 2021/22 season, Connor Southwell ranks the Canaries’ 21st century efforts from worst to first.

Joma's first ever away kit for the Canaries sees a predominantly black jacquard fabric with turquoise detailing.

Similarly to the home kit, the sleeves are inspired by the wings of a canary with a smart v-neck collar 

But it's surely not fair to throw it straight into the rankings immediately. We need to see it in the flesh, in action, before we can really have an opinion on it. It has become an instant hit with supporters and caps off an impressive first season for the Spanish-based kit manufacturer. 

So here it is. The not so official ranking of Norwich City away kits since the start of the century...

The Norwich players look dejected after conceding their sideÕs 3rd goal during the Carabao Cup match

Even the players weren't too fond of the petrol blue shirts...

18th - 2020/21 (Errea)

Well. It's fully blue. That is hard to ignore. Whether you want to argue that it's petrol or another shade, it is simply too close to a colour that shouldn't be associated with City. 

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Away kits are often remembered for the success of the season, but this was one that proved unlucky on the road in a Championship winning season. This was the final away strip of the Errea era. 

Never has a picture more aptly summed up a kit. No more petrol blue kits, please! Turquoise is more acceptable, however... As this year's kit shows. 

The expression on Alex Tettey's face says it all, as James Maddison's team-mates celebrate his stunn

The expression on Alex Tettey's face says it all, as James Maddison's team-mates celebrate his stunning free-kick at Reading. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

17th - 2017/18 (Errea)

This isn't an absolute shocker of an away strip and black kits tend to be relatively simplistic and classy. 

But this one doesn't do it for me. The white looks more grey. It definitely ranks higher without the trim on the sleeves and down the side. Probably doesn't help that it was worn during a season where City resided in midtable. Plus, any shirt with the LeoVegas logo on just doesn't inspire me. 

James Maddison scored some wonderful goals in this kit, but it doesn't excite me. Many will feel it is too far down the list. 

Launch of the new Norwich City Away kit for 2008-2009 season at the Royal Norfolk Show 2008. L-R Jam

Launch of the new Norwich City Away kit for 2008-2009 season at the Royal Norfolk Show 2008. L-R Jamie Cureton, Declan Rudd and Adam Drury. - Credit: Archant © 2008

16th - 2008/09 (Xara)

The collar (or lack of..) has pushed this kit down a few places. 

It's black. It's plain. It does the job. But the V-neck isn't doing it for me. Even Drury isn't convinced in the official photographer. 

Not much to add really. A solid midtable performer. 

Swindon - Saturday March 20th, 2010: Darel Russell of Norwich has a shot on goal during the Coca Col

Darel Russell sporting City's 2009/11 kit. - Credit: Focus Images

15th - 2009-11 (Xara)

Not sure this kit fully warranted two years of action and, to be fair, it was used during the double promotion from League One to the Premier League under Paul Lambert. 

It's just very safe. Some might say understated, I say boring. Imagine a nice sache or pinstripes. That makes this kit a contender. 

Nothing massively wrong with it. Just doesn't grab me. 

Norwich City players Darren Huckerby, Jason Shackell and Chris Martin model the club's new Flybe spo

Norwich City players Darren Huckerby, Jason Shackell and Chris Martin model the club's 2007/08 Flybe sponsored away strip at Norwich Airport. - Credit: Archant

14th - 2007/08 (Xara)

I like a red kit. Norwich have three of them since 2000 and this is not actually terrible.

That said, it doesn't excite me particularly. It's plain. The socks look a bit out of place and the badge doesn't fit into the colour. Probably the best bit about this photo is the plane behind the players. 

I can live with it, but doesn't threaten top ranking shirts.  

New Norwich City away kit

Ricky van Wolfswinkel models the 2013/14 away shirt. - Credit: Archant

13th - 2013/14 (Errea)

My first reaction when looking at that advertisement is to sigh. This kit isn't actually badly designed, but the release does it knock down a few places. 

Plus, any kit that is essentially a carbon copy of the home shirt gets lower marks from me, I'm afraid. 

Turns out, the big bad wolf was more of a tame little kitten. 


City's 2002/04 away kit. - Credit: ©ARCHANT } NORFOLK 2002.

12th - 2002/04 (Xara)

Yep. It's smart. Probably a bit too similar to Plymouth Argyle for my liking, but it does its job and doesn't look bad either. 

Sometimes a sponsor can elevate a shirt and that is the case here. The Lotus logo does wonders in pushing this kit up the leaderboard. Not a crowd pleaser and has a more famous bigger brother, but reliable and nothing to dislike. 


Craig Fleming and Darren Huckerby model the new Norwich City FC home and away kits which are sponser

Craig Fleming and Darren Huckerby model the new Norwich City FC home and away kits which are sponsored by flybe.com 2006/2007 season. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2006

11th - 2006/07 (Xara)

Subtle. Classy. I like this white away kit. 

Despite some question marks over the collar, I think it's really nicely designed and the green matches it wonderfully. Similarly to the previous kit, it isn't a jaw-dropping kit, but it's safe and there isn't too much to dislike. 

The third best white shirt Norwich have had this century in my view. 

Norwich City's Malky MacKay (right) celebrates with Phil Mulryne (left) Clint Easton (centre) after

The red 2002/03 away kit. - Credit: PA

10th - 2001/02 (Xara)

Don't tell Malky, but this does give me Watford vibes. 

That said, I think it's a really smart shirt. The yellow stripes bring it to live and the yellow sponsor doesn't contrast with the rest of the design. Lower marks for a deep V-neck collar, though. 


Elliott Bennett celebrates scoring Norwich City's winner at Tottenham with Anthony Pilkington in Apr

The Canaries 2011/12 kit - made memorable by Elliott Bennett and that strike against Spurs. - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

9th - 2011/12 (Errea)

If it wasn't for Elliott Bennett and that strike at Tottenham, this kit may find itself a bit lower in the rankings. 

Big fan of a collar. Looks like an Italian shirt (though they aren't allowed green shirts anymore) and began the Errea deal off smartly. It looked good on the pitch and was worn by a Norwich City side that was likeable and successful. 

It has grown on me throughout the years. 

Norwich City's away kit from the 2019-20 Premier League season was red and yellow Picture: Paul Ches

Norwich City's away kit from the 2019-20 Premier League season was red and yellow Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

8th - 2019/20 (Errea)

This is going to be a controversial one. 

I know it wasn't everybody's cup of tea, but I really like this red kit. The yellow pattern on the arm that fades in the shirt is really smart and the front is subtle with a nice shade of red. 

Probably not worn enough during the season it was in place.

Norwich City's new Away Kit for next season being unveiled at Lotus Cars HQ, Hethel Picture: Jam

A memorable away kit - City's 2004/05 kit. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press ©2004

7th - 2004/06 (Xara)

Confession - I originally had this in second place when I began curating this list. It just looked a little out of place. 

I really like it. The stripes give it an edge to it's 03/04 rival and moving the badge centrally is a really nice aesthetic. Something really nice about the baggy fit, especially when you don't have the physique of a professional footballer (as I don't). 

In the end, I think it has been overtaken by a few better looking kits, but few have the personality of this one. 

Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd +44 7904 640267Grant Holt of Norwich scores his sides

A Grant Holt kneeslide? That pushes this kit up closer to the top of the leaderboard...

6th - 2012/13 (Errea)

This is what you want from a black away kit. Smart. Nice trim. Grant Holt knee-sliding on a wet pitch. 

It's just really nice. I like everything about it. Part of me also feels like it has been ranked slightly too high but as a whole design. This really does it for me. 

I owed one at the time, I would buy it again. Simple but effective and isn't boring to look at. 

Kyle Lafferty of Norwich and Kevin McDonald of Wolves in action during the Sky Bet Championship matc

City's 2014/15 shirt modelled by Kyle Lafferty.

5th - 2014/15 (Errea)

With a brighter red, this is a contender. 

Just a fraction too dark to threaten the top three, but this kit is a real looker. The top of the shirt being a dark red does create a nice aesthetic. I get the impression it is a bit marmite to supporters, but I like it a lot. 

Looked good on the pitch. Grew on me every time I saw it. Aviva logo feels somewhat overpowering. But a strong kit. 

Emi Buendia of Norwich City during the Sky Bet Championship match at the KCOM Stadium, HullPicture

Emi Buendia wearing CIty's 2018/19 away kit.

4th - 2018/19 (Errea)

Just look at it. 

The yellow and green stripes are a stunning addition. The green trip is nice. The LeoVegas logo puts it back a few positions, sadly. But this is a really nice shirt. One of the best on this list and its ranking reflects that. 

As ever with Errea, there's an Italian feeling to it and I'm embracing that. Part of wishes the stripes were solid colour instead of the faded pattern, but I can forgive it. 

Graham Dorrans celebrates his winner for Norwich City at Nottingham Forest with Cameron Jerome and M

Graham Dorrans celebrates his winner for Norwich City at Nottingham Forest with Cameron Jerome and Martin Olsson. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

3rd - 2016/17 (Errea)

Bronze medal for this one. Love the vertical stripe that sits below the badge. That has elevated this kit from a midtable one to a top three finisher. 

The fact that stripe continues on the shorts and socks is wonderful. It's classy. 

New Norwich City signing Fernando Dervald sports the new away kit design that was launched at Colman

New Norwich City signing Fernando Dervald sports the 2000/01 away kit design that was launched at Colmans. - Credit: EDP © 2000

2nd - 2000/01 (Alexandra)

Just beautiful. The badge in the centre of the shirt. The yellow and green trim. NCFC written on the socks. 

It's a thing of beauty. I like the consistency of the stripes on the shorts and socks. This is just a really clean, smart kit that looks good on the pitch and yet is easily recognisable as a Norwich City shirt. 

Maybe the Colman's logo could be green, but I'm knit-picking. This is a great kit. If Joma fancied redesigning it in the years to come, then I'll be close to the front of the queue. 

Dieumerci Mbokani of Norwich during the Barclays Premier League match at the Boleyn Ground, London

Pinstripes are a winner... City's 2015/16 kit. - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

1st - 2015/16 (Errea)

Pinstripes are the way to this man's heart. Everything about this strip is divine. The shade of green, the trim on the sleeves and a smart collar. 

For me, this is the best away kit Norwich have had this century. I understand that green isn't necessarily the best choice for a City away shirt, but on pure aesthetic, this is gorgeous. 

There's a vintage feel about it. Jonny Howson rescued a pigeon wearing it. What is not to like? If I was a punter, I'd willingly swap £40 for this beauty. 

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