Teemu Pukki's future: The inside track from Finland

Norwich City striker Teemu Pukki is open to staying in the Premier League, according to his representative

Norwich City striker Teemu Pukki is open to staying in the Premier League, according to his representative - Credit: PA

Teemu Pukki's goals were unable to keep Norwich City in the Premier League. But the club's player-of-the-year is open to staying in the top flight, according to his agent.

Finnish journalist, Ville-Veikko Valta broke the story for MTV Urheilu. Here is a transcript of the key points arising from his chat with Pukki's representative, Teemu Turunen. You can watch the full video catch up on our Pinkun channels.

Q: PD - Ville-Veikko, you have spoken to Teemu Pukki’s agent, haven’t you? I’ll let you tell the story. 

A: VV - I spoke to him and he was pretty straightforward with everything. They feel Teemu is at a certain level which is required in the Premier League. They feel like he's a Premier League player and that's why it might be best to depart Norwich.

They've been having talks with Norwich, and from what I understand, directly with Stuart Webber. They've been talking about the club letting Teemu potentially leave to another club. Of course, there's going to be a transfer fee involved. He described the talks as on going.

As I understand it there was no talk of extending the contract at Norwich at the moment. It was a club option to ensure Teemu could play here next season. But that is not the feeling from Teemu’s camp.  


Q: PD - Did you get the sense from speaking to Teemu’s representative that Norwich is open to finding a solution that suits Teemu? If there is a deal to be made out there, would they look to do that this summer?  

A: VV – The agent was really open in that he conceded it might be really difficult thing to achieve a Premier League move, because there's probably not one single club willing to pay the amount that Norwich value Teemu at. Everyone knows that they're trying to get back to the Premier League. And the value of that promotion is known by everyone.

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From the club’s point of view, I feel they really want to hold on to Teemu. Teemu has been a brilliant servant to the club. And he's always done what he's required to do. He is willing to honour his contract.

But at the same time I think he wants to move on to a club that is on a different level than Norwich at the moment. 

Q: PD – Do you know what value Norwich may attach to him in terms of his price tag?  

A: VV - Not in terms of numbers. It's a difficult thing to even speculate. How valuable is Teemu Pukki to Norwich, because he's a proven goalscorer, he guarantees goals every time he almost walks on the pitch? In some ways he is priceless to Norwich.

What is promotion to the Premier League worth? North of £100m. They are not going to be able to get that type of fee for a player who is 32. That's the dilemma. 

Q: PD - Any sense from speaking to his representative that there is interest from the Premier League, or further afield? 

A: VV - From what I've gathered, there's plenty of interest. That's not the problem. The problem is the money. Who wants to pay a lot of money for a 32 year old player? It is difficult to speculate how many clubs are after him.

But certainly there are very interested parties in the Premier League and of course in mainland Europe as well. 

Q: PD – If this plays out in a way a deal is not done and Teemu is at Norwich for this coming season could you see any issue in terms of the player being unhappy?  

A: VV - Sometimes in these type of situations you see a player handing in a transfer request, or they don't return for pre-season. That's not going to happen with Teemu because he's a player who values a lot of things besides money and fame.

He's a family man, he has values and he would honour his contract. I don't think there's any doubt he would continue to give everything to Norwich as long as he's a Norwich player.  

Q: PD - I'm going to put you on the spot. As somebody who has spoken to his representative and no doubt Teemu in the past how do you feel this will develop this summer?  

A: VV – There are only two possible scenarios. Teemu staying and Teemu leaving, but it looks like Norwich might not let him leave, just because of the great value he possesses for Norwich. But there is also the human aspect. They have had four great seasons out of Teemu.

And he's given a lot, everything he has for the club. I don't think anyone could argue Teemu hasn't earned his place in the Premier League.

Maybe the fans or the board can see that and there is a transfer valuation that allows him to move on this summer, and keep playing at the highest possible level.