New City deal for Farke on the cards and Webber open to staying

Norwich City duo Stuart Webber and Daniel Farke are out of contract at Carrow Road in 2022

Norwich City duo Stuart Webber and Daniel Farke are out of contract at Carrow Road in 2022 - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke is poised for a new Norwich City deal - and sporting director Stuart Webber is also open to extending his stay with the Canaries. 

Webber's and Farke’s existing Carrow Road contracts run until 2022, but the club chief revealed on Thursday Farke is happy to agree an extension. 

The key duo have plotted two Championship titles, and guided City back to the Premier League next season, since arriving in Norfolk. 

“We'd like to extend it, he'd like to extend it. Now we'll have a conversation again over the summer,” said Webber. “I spoke to Daniel during the March international break, about where he is at and what he is thinking in terms of his career. 

"Obviously that will stay private, but we agreed to speak at the end of the season, which we have done, and we'd like to enter into a new contract with him.

"He’s happy to do that. He loves it here and, and obviously we love him. It's a real mutual respect, which is sometimes quite rare in football.  

“I think he knows he's been backed in difficult times, and we know he's backed us very much in difficult times. I’m sure in 10 or 15 years, or whatever, people will look back and say he's probably one of the greatest managers to ever manage this club. 

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"I think what's been important for us all is this season has been so hectic, as was the end of last season, was to just get it done, get this job done, and then almost think about other things in the summer. Now we've got some time to do that.

"He's enjoying some well earned downtime. We will sort his contract in due course.” 

Webber had previously insisted when he penned his own City deal that would be his last, but the impact of the pandemic is now a major factor in his next career move. 

“I've always been crystal clear with Delia and Michael I'll never leave them in the lurch. And I wouldn't. I wouldn't put the club at any risk,” he said. “If we get to 12 months time and my contract is up and I need to stay a bit longer then I'm open to doing that.

"At the same time, in 12 months, if the club want me to disappear, I'll disappear as well. I fully respect that.  

“The most important thing is that we get Daniel settled and we sort out the transfer window. Mine is relatively irrelevant. My future is probably more of an issue for people outside the club than internally. If I felt it was damaging from an internal point of view it it'd be different. But I know it isn't. It's not a topic here. And that's the only bit I really care about. 

“It's definitely not the time to do go abroad with the pandemic. We also need to find out what the impact of Brexit is on British people who want to live and work abroad.

"I've never hidden the fact I want to work abroad. But at the same time, I'm not sat there chasing something that I want to walk straight into a job in 12 months time, if there's not a job there. I'm also comfortable having time out.

"I’m even comfortable not working in football. It is the not the be all and end all for me. I think in terms of the club, I think we're still on a good path, considering the pandemic. Could we be further down the line? Well, yes, definitely. And, again, that's why if in 12 months time, it's not the right time to leave the club from the club's point of view, then, of course, I'll never leave it in the lurch. 

"There's a lot of people here who have come here because of me and work closely with me and the owners have given me and the board incredible trust from day one. It's not something I need to necessarily sort of run away from.

"It's about what's right for the club. And that's, that's all I care about to be honest. ” 

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