Keeping Farke out of the clutches of Champions League clubs is the next task for City

Daniel Farke on his first day in the job at Norwich City in 2017 alongside sporting director Stuart

Daniel Farke on his first day in the job at Norwich City in 2017 alongside sporting director Stuart Webber Picture: Denise Bradley/Archant - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2017

Daniel Farke is heading to the top but Norwich City will try and keep him for as long as possible.

The Canaries' head coach reiterated before the recent Premier League defeat to Liverpool he sees his future at Carrow Road, whatever division City find themselves in next season.

That is music to Stuart Webber's ears, but the club's sporting director knows Farke's work in Norfolk puts him on the radar of the elite.

"Daniel will go and manage and be a head coach in the Champions League. Absolutely, that day is going to dawn on us at some point," he said. "And if that comes before the end of his contract, as we always do, we'll have an honest conversation about it.

"It's very hard if an opportunity comes to him. If Bayern Munich ring him up or (Borussia) Dortmund or whoever and say listen, 'We want you to become our head coach,' it's very hard.

"Daniel is a loyal man and he has never broken a contract yet and I wouldn't expect that.

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"But we also have to be realistic. Do I think it will be in the short term? No, because I feel he thinks he has some unfinished business and in the medium term. I think, genuinely, he loves the job he's doing. He loves the club. He loves the opportunity he was given."

Farke and his backroom staff signed new deals 12 months ago keeping them at the club until 2022.

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"I got laughed at when I said at the very first press conference I believed he would be the best coach in the league. I wasn't joking," said Webber. "It wasn't a flippant comment. I truly believed it. Sometimes it's like a beautiful marriage. Sometimes it works. And everyone wins out of it.

"We're in a beautiful marriage and hopefully divorce will never come. But if it does, it would be very amicable and, you know, we can still all see the children.

"Look at the job he has done in nearly three years, which is incredible when you think about. Youth development only works if he gives opportunities. Smart recruitment decisions only work if he gives the final, 'Yes I want us to bring in that player and I can work and develop them.'

"Look at someone like Tim Krul. His first few games were difficult and we all know coaches or managers who might have chucked him in the bin. Tim Krul only works out if he gets that support from his coach.

"The supporter engagement does not work if the guy at the top leading those players does not remind everyone how important that is. The culture of the club doesn't work. This club, me personally, and I'm sure Delia and Michael would not mind me saying it, will always be indebted to him.

"But one thing I know with Daniel is he is loyal. He is not a guy who's going to go looking for opportunities."

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