Canary fans get everywhere...

It never ceases to amaze The Man at how you can find a Norwich fan anywhere. Wherever you go, there'll always be at least one Yellow loitering somewhere.

It never ceases to amaze The Man at how you can find a Norwich fan anywhere. Wherever you go, there'll always be at least one Yellow loitering somewhere.

Certainly it appears our Australian ranks are swelling by the day. It was recently revealed that Neighbours actress Caitlin Stasey is a big Norwich fan, courtesy of her family's Norfolk roots.

Many is the night she wiles away in her Norwich City away kit - writing smoochie letters to her heart-throb heroes like long-haired lothario Paul McVeigh, while Hollywood star Hugh Jackman told The Times this week that he was a big City fan. The Aussie actor cited similar family connections.

The Man can just picture the X-Men and Swordfish actor now, hunched over his PC in Los Angeles listening to the Canaries World coverage of Stoke away…

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On the subject of famous fans, we really have got our share. Stephen Fry is still The Man's favourite, although Cathy Dennis was a game old bird.

t Doomcaster set the record straight this week. Peter Grant did not get the job because he was happy to work with the established backroom team.

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Doomy told the EDP: “All six interviewees for the manager's position were asked the same question: “what would your intentions be as to the existing coaching staff?”

“And all but one gave the same answer: if appointed, they would assess the existing staff and then make a decision as to whether such staff were good enough.”

So, the backroom team are all on trial then? If Grant doesn't like what he's working with the club will give them the boot and Peter The Pointer (PTP) will get his own men in? The Man thinks not: PTP has to like it or lump it.

And I wonder which of the management candidates refused to inherit the three wise monkeys?

t Good to see our old mate AJ has not forgotten the tricks that got him where he is today.

The Man let out a chuckle as he watched Johnson take his obligatory plunge in the penalty box against Fulham last weekend, which he then sequelled with a repeat performance in the cup on Wednesday.

Forget Drogba, this boy is now the top flight's premier diver.

I love the Mr Innocent routine he does afterwards as well.

However, it appears his reputation now precedes him as dive after dive is getting turned away by now enlightened referees.

Too late to save us, but reassuring nonetheless.

“The most honest footballer I have ever worked with,” said Dowie during their Crippled Alice days together.

Pull the other one.

The Man is not in favour of too much video footage being used to referee games - but this is one area where I would like to see it stepped up - albeit retrospectively.

If the video shows someone has dived to try to cheat the ref, then they should get a three-game ban.

It would pretty much rule AJ out for the season…

t As the Man leafed through his weighty correspondence this week, one email jumped out at me. The angered individual described The Man as a “negative pessimist” - I quite like that, although I'm sure the double negative was unintentional.

He lambasted my bitter take on things.

He said I should back Grant and Hughes (which I have done - albeit the latter only recently) and that I had a s**t life and should get a girlfriend.

At this point I wondered if Mr Angry actually knew me… Anyway - to clarify - what I wrote last week was not me slagging off the team. The Man was just being honest, I can't see us above mid-table. I hope I'm wrong. It's just after watching the Col U game I can't believe I am.

MORE nervous twitches this week as PTP launched another attack on Hux.

OK - so it wasn't an attack - more a reference to the fact the jet-heeled one needs to do more when he hasn't got the ball.

Still, in recent history, it is tantamount to a tirade.

The Man has to say, I'm a bit of a soft touch when it comes to Hux.

As the old Scouse joke goes, if I found him in bed with my other half I'd probably make him a cup of tea and push his bum up and down.

He is a legend. End of. Despite what the foaming-at-the-mouth idiot who sits in front of me yells at him.

But I do think PTP is right.

However, a larger dilemma is looming, a new contract for Hux.

He's already spoken about how he wants to stay, and I believe him.

But this is his last chance of a decent contract and I have a horrible feeling Doomcaster will have turned off the tap by the time this season ends.

Without the Sky money the club has to make cuts, but The Man would hope at least some cash has been squirreled away for the Hux Fund.

We shall see…

Of course, great players come and go.

But a Norwich City without Darren Huckerby over the next couple of seasons would be a drab affair.

On the subject of great players, interesting to see that Freddy Eastwood elevated himself out of our league this week - no chance of getting him now.

Would the £2 million we were going to waste on that Wigan reserve really not have got him in August, if we had really tried? We will never know. OTBC.

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