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The Man enjoyed a bumper bout of player-spotting on Monday. During the course of a rare day off, I came across three players, as it were. First up was Greeno, who bowled into the barber's shop while I was having my flowing locks tapered.

The Man enjoyed a bumper bout of player-spotting on Monday.

During the course of a rare day off, I came across three players, as it were. First up was Greeno, who bowled into the barber's shop while I was having my flowing locks tapered. As the big man sat waiting for his annual haircut, I began to feel a bit guilty for having a go at him last week.

He looked a bit vulnerable, slumped in the chair peering out tentatively over his newspaper. But I thought how much more he earns than me, and the feeling soon dissipated.

Later, I was mooching about in Dixons on Gentleman's Walk when in marched Carl Robinson and Little Ern. I earwigged as the two talked about iPods in thick Welsh accents.

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I've actually got nothing very interesting to say about my brushes with greatness, but The Man has always been intrigued by seeing footballers in Civvie Street. I'll never forget the time I saw Dean Ashton at the vegetable counter in Sainsbury's with that bumper sized…

t In this season of meagre pickings you have to take advantage of what little joy is thrown up. That's why last weekend's Spurs versus Blackburn encounter was a minor highlight for The Man.

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It was nothing to do with the game, it was to do with the treatment handed out to studio pundit Alan Pardew. While the odious Pardew sat squirming in the studio, Spurs fans roared through the glass divide: “West Ham's our feeder club”, among other less subtle remarks.

It was good to see the smug ex-Palacer get a bit of stick. I'm sick of hearing about how well West Ham have done - even if it's true. Let's not forget, their crowds dipped to 22,000 last season, lower than we have gone this year. They are not the massive club their crowing fans, and half of Fleet Street, would have you believe.

t Praise Allah, I think that's the right one. After 14 months, we have finally won a league game without Safri. The problem is, I don't really see us repeating that trick too often in the next 14 months.

Whoever is in charge come next season, that midfield has got to be sorted out. Clearly, Youssef is very injury prone, so there is no point in just hoping that he steers clear of knocks.

The management needs to come up with some sort of system - or personnel - that works in his absence.I actually thought Andy Clap did all right against Stoke, he put himself about as usual, and some of his passes found yellow shirts.

To those people who belly-laughed when he launched a supposed cross into the depths of lower Barclay, shame on you.

But I think even AC would have appreciated the humour in it.

As I've said before, Andy Clap is the sort of guy you'd want in your trench, you just wouldn't put him in charge of the grenades . . .

t You have seen the adverts, how about this for a new one? “Carlsberg don't do bosses, but if they did, they would probably be Delia and Michael.”

Nigel Worthington, you lucky sod, the rest of us would kill to have employers like yours.

Imagine your boss wandering over and saying: “I've checked the figures, and it turns out you have been c**p for two years, but don't worry, you were good once - maybe you'll turn it around, eh?

“Oh, and bye the way, I've given you an indefinite contract so don't be concerned about having to secure a new deal. You and your mates will get £1million if I ever wanted to sack you anyway!” It could only happen in football.

The Stowmarket Two - I wonder where they picked up that expression? - came out and backed nutty Nigel this week.

On this subject, The Man has to admit he is a bit of a soft touch. I only have to listen to the two of them for about 30 seconds before assuming an almost zombie like trance.

I find myself murmuring: “Delia is our saviour, she must be obeyed. Down with the Worthy Out infidels! Exterminate, exterminate…”

I can't help it, some fans think they are patronising, but I love 'em. Take the Worthy debate out of the equation for a second, and there's no doubt these two are gold dust. Yellow and green blood courses through their veins, and they are loyal buggers to boot.

And that's where December's Manager of the Month comes in.

Nutty Nigel, who was never afraid to link himself with periodic vacancies at Sheffield Wednesday in order to get a decent deal, knows he's on to a winner.

It won't have been lost on Mr Worthington that Mick McCarthy got the boot this week. He was effectively given one season less than Worthy.

It will be fascinating to observe the achievements of Sunderland compared to Norwich over the next 12 months.

As I've said before, I will be forever grateful for what NW achieved for us, but I have a horrible feeling our special friends in the North-East will be proved right.

One thing Smith and Jones said was definitely on the money: it's time to get back to decent matchday atmospheres at Carrow Road.

Warnock is up next week, and it would be lovely to ruin his season (and life), especially after he gobbed off at Bramall Lane.

Justifiably, a lot of fans have lost the stomach to support this team. But it's time to try to rise above that, even if it's only for one game.

If you are a Worthy Outer, don't comprehend singing as some sort of tacit support for the manager. Think of it more as a pledge to the overall concept of Norwich City.

Even in these dark days there is still a lot to be proud of in our club. Personally, I'm not sure how many more Brighton or Stoke type atmospheres I can take. Let's not let Warnock off lightly. OTBC.

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