Carrow Road - free from the transfer panic

To think that some want the transfer windows scrapped – where would be the fun in that?

We’d all miss the panic buys, the last minute dash for an average midfielder by those desperate to be ambitious. Thank god we’re not one of them any more.

Deadline day tends to be when two Norwich City worlds collide. The one on the internet that gets whipped into a frenzy by ridiculous rumours that on any other day would be obviously . . . well . . . ridiculous.

These used to make home in the offices of Norwich Union, but have since branched out to corners of the world wide webness.

Then you have the world where people go to games – even watch them. Where we tend to be rational, until kick-off. Only when things are really bad do the two come together – Worthy’s last throws come to mind.

The Man takes only a passing interest in internet jabberings. While it’s doubtful we’ve actually ‘gone for it’ there are no complaints here.

The stories from McGnarly and Brighton differ, but if we did put in a seven-figure bid for a player who has never turned out in the Chumpionship then that’s a reasonable place to stop.

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• The Man hadn’t realised (Admiral) Nelson was out of contract in the summer, so him moving to the giant steelworks that is Scunthorpe came a out of the blue.

Half our fun is being fickle, and Nels saw us deliver. From slower than a sloth, to winning us promotion and the title with that miraculously small head of his, the guy has his place in City folklore. Best of luck to him.

As for Steven "Smudge" Smith, he must've missed his haggis. Not every signing is going to come off for Lambo – but if this is the worst he does, we’ll be more than fine.

Millwall seem to think the best way to not be liked has changed from kicking seven bells out of the opposition to falling over a lot.

• You’d think the bunch of hard nuts that turn up at The Den every fortnight would be ashamed that their side fell over whenever a yellow shirt came within five yards.

Apparently Millwall were eighth before the game. Eighth?!? That’s exactly why we won’t be finishing outside the top six this season.

Most Millwall players would have struggled to run off a bruised toe on Tuesday – so credit where it’s due.

Rusty Martin ran off a whole bowel disorder last season.