City fans run out of patience

CHRIS WISE As plans for a further protest at Carrow Road were made public Norwich supporters were quick to voice their displeasure at recent performances. CHRIS WISE reports


Ben Jones, an Attleborough-based supporter who made the long trip down to Plymouth, was among many fans voicing his disgust at the Canaries' performance at Home Park yesterday.

“That trip cost me over £70 and it was a complete waste of money,” he stormed. “I would say 60 per cent of the Norwich fans were chanting 'Worthy Out' at the end and the remaining 40pc were so cheesed off that they just couldn't be bothered to do anything.

“The performance of the team was pathetic and throughout it all Nigel just sat there, as if he couldn't believe what was going on. I never saw him get up once to encourage his players or change his strategy. He just sat there.

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“I thought things had changed earlier in the season. We were excellent at Leeds, even though we lost, and it was a pleasure to be at the first three home games. But now we have reverted to what we were like last season, and I can't see it changing under the present management.

“I have a lot of time for Nigel and I think he has done a fantastic job for this club. But he has had his time and at the board should act now and bring in Alan Curbishley as the new manager.”

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Ben East, secretary of the Northern Canaries supporters' group, was not surprised to hear there is to be a 'Worthy Out' demonstration at Sunday's home match against Burnley.

“After the Barnsley game I really did think that the tense atmosphere of last season was a thing of the past,” he said. “But since then we seem to have returned to our bad old ways and it really does look like we have gone back to square one. It's so frustrating. The board need to think very carefully about where this club is going at the moment. They have a big decision to make.”

Alex Warren of Waveney Yellows has always been a staunch supporter of Worthington - but not any more.

“It gives me no pleasure to say this but I really do think it is time for a change,” he said. “Last season I was one of the few people in the group I go with who wanted Nigel to stay - but after what has happened in the last few games I believe it is time for the board to act.

“There doesn't seem to be any pride or passion out there on the pitch - and it is the manager's job to instil that into his players. If this season was a one-off it would be ridiculous to change managers now, because we have only played nine games. But itnot a one-off. What we are seeing now is a continuation of last season and lessons clearly haven't been learned. The board keep talking about the benefits of continuity - but I can't see any benefits at the moment.”

Kathy Blake, secretary of Norwich City Independent Supporters Association, is another who feels Worthington should go.

“To be honest it's becoming a bit of a joke,” she said. “Not so long ago we were in the Premiership and signing Dean Ashton. Now we are struggling in the Championship and signing 37-year-old cast-offs, with all due respect to Dion Dublin.

“Nigel called the Coventry defeat a blip but now I am beginning to think the three home wins were the blips and that what we saw on Saturday was what we can all expect now.

“I gather the Plymouth fans were chanting 'Can we play you every week' towards the end. How humiliating is that?

“Nigel is a lucky man. I can't think of any other board in the country who would have been so supportive in these circumstances. In my opinion now is the time for them to act - but I've got a funny feeling we will scrape a win against Burnley, and nothing will change.”

Another supporter, Richard Matthews - writing on - commented: “Some will obviously ask if this (the protest) isn't all a bit too soon. The lack of any definite news from the board about how many games Worthington would have to get things right has led to all kinds of suggestions amongst fans.

“Some said give him five games, some said ten. Well it is nine and the last four games has seen us slip from second in the league to 14th.

“The slippery slope is already upon us. If the protest does nothing more than wake the board, manager and team up to the fans' unrest at what is going on then that is good enough for now. What is really needed is another manager.”

A contributor to the same website, calling himself Fat Barman, felt the Worthy Out campaigners were heading down a destructive and counter-productive path.

“Whilst my opinion has finally swung to needing to get rid of the manager, I can't help but feel irritated by the Worthington Out organisation,” he said.

“A protest is certainly called for, but have they learned nothing from the divisiveness of their actions last season?

“One of the main reasons that they failed to get the majority of attending fans to join in was because they repeatedly protested pre-game, causing a dreadful atmosphere in the ground afterwards.”

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