City job is a decent little gig

AND so it came to pass. Nutty Nigel has left the building. Just like Doomcaster in this week's press conference, The Man would like to place on record his appreciation of what Worthy achieved for the club.

AND so it came to pass. Nutty Nigel has left the building.

Just like Doomcaster in this week's press conference, The Man would like to place on record his appreciation of what Worthy achieved for the club.

He dragged us up from the doldrums, and gave us some great times.

The fans who resorted to calling him a such and such need to take a long hard look at themselves.

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He was not a bad bloke - although he was incredibly stubborn - and The Man wishes him all the best.

Given the way football works I would not bet against NW finally winning an away game when he first brings a team back to Carrow Road…

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So we are now into the search for Sgt Worthy's successor and suddenly the pressure shifts to the board.

This will be an interesting little phase, because there are those who place as much blame on the board as Worthington for our current malaise.

The argument goes that Mr and Mrs Delia and chums continue to labour under the “little old Norwich” motto - and therefore we come off second best.

A trait highlighted no more plainly than in our disastrously small squad, as the likes of Derby beat us to players - and Southend told us to hop it.

So, it's time for the board to step up, find the right man and pay the money to get him.

The Man is nervous, very nervous.

Do I trust this lot to get it right?

The Man trusts in the fact they care about the club, that's not in question, but are we prepared to ruffle a few feathers to get our boy?

If our recent transfer attempts are anything to go by then the answer is a resounding no, but we shall see.

This is where you earn your crust Mr Doomcaster.

If we want Bowen, are we going to run a mile at the first sign of a “b****r off” from Mark Hughes? Because we shouldn't.

We get bigger crowds than Blackburn - even though they are a league higher - so we shouldn't be afraid to show it.

In fact, we get bigger crowds than Leeds or West Brom, so let's not be afraid to mix it with either when looking for a new boss.

If I hear the board coming out with a Worthy-type “well, we've put some calls in, it's just a matter of wait and see”, The Man will cry.

Of course it boils down to chequebooks - and Blackburn and West Brom have got us beat on that score - but we should not underplay what an attractive job Norwich is.

If Bowen wants to be a manager then he isn't getting a better offer than this surely? It's not like if Taff holds on for another year Real Madrid might come in for him…

And where else in football could a manager get away with two failed seasons and still find himself in work?

Carrow Road is a nice little gig.

The Man gives Doomcaster a fair bit of stick in these columns, but deep down I know he does a good job.

He is Carrow Road's answer to Gordon Brown, a sensible man overseeing the purse strings.

But can I just say: can we please not give the new boss a Worthington-style rolling/timeless contract.

And for the record, my choice would be Alex McLeish. I'm a b****r for a Scottish manager, and I think he'd get people going again.

His record at Rangers was decent, and from previous jobs he knows how to work on a budget.

Whoever it is, we need to get behind him. Enough of this in-fighting. OTBC.


WHAT a way for things to end.

Beaten at home 4-1 by Burnley - BURNLEY - and with one of our players trying to attack a fan as he left the field.

The Man has mixed emotions on this one.

Sure, a player should never tell a supporter, allegedly, that he was going “to take his f*****g head off”.

But in the rarefied atmosphere of last Sunday, I can understand how it happened.

The Man himself has not been averse to a spot of Hughes baiting. After all, I sometimes refer to him as Andy Clap.

It's wrong but sometimes I get so frustrated I just can't help it which I think is how the incident flared up on Sunday.

Pure frustration - on both sides.

Let's face it, things could not have gone much worse for Hughes since he joined us. And Reading have not lost a game since he left (shocking, but very nearly true).

He joined at a time when the manager's plans were beginning to unravel, and became the physical embodiment of Worthington on the pitch - and therefore a target.

I'm not shattering any illusions when I say he is not Zinedine Zidane.

But, if we get off his back, and he just gets on with winning the ball and giving it to someone that can pass, things can hopefully ease off.

I note one of the supporters' groups called for AH to be sacked this week.

In cold economic terms it might make sense for the board to do that - but The Man thinks it might leave us in a position where we don't have enough players to field a team.

A new boss means a new era, let's give Hughes one more chance - even though after the stick he's had he might not want it.

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