Cup win was welcome but promotion is all that matters

John Wilkinson, NCISA Words are not enough to describe the anger and embarrassment of Canary fans who witnessed the demolition of our team by Colchester United. I hope that the present Board of Directors shared our feelings and if necessary, consider carefully what should happen to save the club we love however unpalatable the actions appear.

John Wilkinson, NCISA

By John Wilkinson

Words are not enough to describe the anger and embarrassment of Canary fans who witnessed the demolition of our team by Colchester United.

It appears that the Board of Directors shared these feelings and have taken the action they believe necessary to protect the best interests of the club. Some fans expected the Board to wait until 10 games into the season to see how things worked out. Others thought that after last Saturday the situation would be reviewed four league games in with 6 points as a minimum requirement. But football as always is full of surprises.

Never before have expectations been crushed within 20 minutes of the kick-off of the first match of the season. Having seen the goals again and again on television there is no doubt that the defence needed to be totally rebuilt. This remains a top priority.

The directness of Colchester, the desire and ability to win 50/50 balls and the willingness to move forward quickly and decisively was in direct contrast to Norwich who were slow, uncertain when the ball was at their feet and repeatedly passing the ball backwards towards their own goal. We only saw pace when Cody McDonald and Adeyemi came on.

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Many have questioned the team management skills of Bryan Gunn. The doubters felt that they have further evidence to support their case.

Why was the defence which had more of a resemblance of a sieve than anything else left unchanged at half-time having let in five goals in forty-five nightmare minutes ? Even in the second half only two substitutes were used. Why not use the third? There were plenty of candidates who could have come off. Tactical knowledge and unity of purpose within the team was sadly but noticeably absent.

It is true that this was the first of 46 matches and 135 points remain to be won but not very many in the crowd last Saturday believed, that without a dramatic change, this will be a season with celebration in May.

The comprehensive win against Yeovil on Tuesday in the Carling Cup was a welcome reaction to Saturday although some who saw the match still had worries about the defence.

Promotion from League One that is the only thing that matters this season and whoever becomes manager six points from the first four league games remains a necessary short term target.

Fans will have very differing views on what has happened to a club legend, Bryan Gunn. Clearly the Board decided that what was experienced at Carrow Road last Saturday was not just a blip.