Curo is the man for the occasion

THE MAN is becoming increasingly aware that football is about individual moments. It's not about 'good' seasons and 'bad' seasons - it's about those fleeting glimpses of ecstasy that illuminate the mundane.

THE MAN is becoming increasingly aware that football is about individual moments.

It's not about 'good' seasons and 'bad' seasons - it's about those fleeting glimpses of ecstasy that illuminate the mundane.

To that extent: it's most definitely a drug, and explains why we persist with it despite the long-term misery it may bring us.

Which brings me back to last Saturday...

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When Curo swivelled to crack the winner past Kelvin Davis, The Man popped. Big Time.

It had everything.

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The return of a prodigal son, Useless Safri having his nose rubbed in it, Burley stood hands-on-hips on the touchline, jumpers for goalposts...

As Curo wheeled away to the Snakepit to celebrate The Man savoured the moment: truly wonderful stuff.

Fans are not easily fooled - any old player can kiss the badge - but we have a knack of knowing which ones mean it.

And JC means it (I'm not actually sure if he kissed the badge - if not, he should of done).

Contrast it with our Moroccan friend.

When Safri trotted over to take a corner (from which Southampton eventually scored) he was about to give the Snakepit a clap when he realised the compassion was not going to be reciprocated.

I know, I know; if we were all rational decent people we'd have given him a clap back and wished him well.

But b****r that.

If you didn't want to be here; don't expect us to give you a grease down and a shiatsu when you come back and try and beat us.

The same goes for Queen Ashton.

He of the fetching blond haircut genuinely thought we were going to give him a standing ovation when he came back to play us in pre-season.

He'd made reference to Norwich being his “second team” in the build up to the game and thought all us hillbillies would just lap that up.

“They'll probably even chant my name” the injury-prone striker will have mused.

Sorry pal, not going to happen.

I'd imagine the most vocal among the fans booing Ashton at the West Ham game were those who'd seen his 'performance' at Plymouth before he formally went on strike.

Insulting isn't the word.

It maybe childish, petty - even counter-productive - to boo, but rather that than players thinking they can treat us like mugs.

Obviously, I'm not against players leaving: it's the manner in which they go which is important.


t REMEMBER that guy who used to play for us (very) occasionally?

You know, that fella we got from Preston reserves.

Well, it appears his move to the north-east has brought with it a new found devotion to the footballing cause.

Dickson said this week, following his side's 3-0 defeat at Wigan: “I can't get the Wigan result out of my head. It feels like the good things have been wasted. It has ruined my week.

“I've not watched any other football this week because I can only think of our result.”

Had I of known Dickson was such a perfectionist maybe The Man would have had more time for him.

I really didn't know he took things to heart like that.

Still, Dickson won't be getting too down about the Wigan result, because as he revealed earlier in the month: “I wake up every day and just think 'Thank God that Roy Keane is my manager.”

I have to say, I have similar sentiments about Etuhu's £1million profit departure...


t City big in Mexico

EVERY club has its characters, and The Man is pleased to report he met another one of ours last Saturday.

Following the game I had the pleasure - in my rather sauced state - of meeting Al.

If memory serves me correctly, Al is a Mexican who served in the US army, being stationed at Lakenheath during part of his younger days.

While at the air base, he befriended some local farmers - who introduced him to the delights of Norwich City.

He informed me he had been hooked ever since.

Now in his golden years, and living in San Francisco, the Vietnam Vet spends a couple a months each year coming over to watch a few games, as well as taking in other delights in Nelson's county.

He said no team in the States - in any sport - had managed to capture his heart the way Norwich has.

A tremendous character.

When asked who his favourite Norwich player was, Al came out with a delightful slip of the tongue: “Well, I'd have to say Kevin Drinkwell.”



t Poor old Anglia TV

FOLLOWING last week's Colney ban, there are further rumours the club's press office is paranoid about titbits getting out on Wrath of the Barclay (WOTB)…

The Man understands the club's PR men didn't even call Anglia TV to let them know a press conference was taking place at Colney yesterday.

It was left to poor Anglia hacks to - ironically - find out news of the Tartan Taliban's latest recruit via a post on, you guessed it, WOTB.

The feeling in Anglia Towers is that the club is so concerned about someone spilling a name onto WOTB; that they don't give them tip-offs anymore.

It may have just been an oversight - but it's not the first time it has happened. What a funny old business.


t Flybe should look to City

IT HAS been brought to The Man's attention that our sponsors at Flybe have named one of their planes after Matt Le Tissier.

The aircraft in question, understandably, has been called 'The Matt Le Tissier'.

Given that we are a bigger and better club than those passionless Saints, I think Flybe should afford a former Norwich player a similar award.

There are plenty of budget and environmentally unfriendly candidates to choose from…

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