David Hannant: Why beating Manchester City definitely maybe a bad thing!

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola shake hands with the Norwich players at the end of the match ...

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola shake hands with the Norwich players at the end of the match ... do they know what they did? Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

I’ve been writing this fortnightly column for four seasons now, a time where there has certainly been ups and downs.

Todd Cantwell celebrates scoring Norwich City's second goal against Manchester City at Carrow Road.

Todd Cantwell celebrates scoring Norwich City's second goal against Manchester City at Carrow Road. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

And in this time, something I have made a bit of a habit of is scratching far beneath the surface to dig out positives from wholly negative situations. Well, no more.

So much has been said about Saturday's extraordinary victory over the reigning, defending champions already that near enough any superlative I could churn out will have no doubt been said already - either in these pages by my esteemed colleagues or nationally and internationally.

So what is a man, who has spent many an hour digging around for positives in negatives, to do when everything has already been said?

Easy, I'm going to scratch around for a few negatives and prove once and for all that Norwich City beating Manchester City definitely maybe (Hi, Liam, Hi, Noel) is a bad thing!

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1) The revenge mission

There is one thing you definitely don't want to do to a beast with the strength of Man City - and that is make them angry.

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Fortunately, we don't have to worry about playing them again until the final day of the season.

Unfortunately, we have to play them on the last day of the season.

Now, there is always a relatively decent chance our season may not be totally done and dusted by the time we visit the Etihad - perhaps, for example, a European place is riding on us getting a result.

City on the other hand, will no doubt have Champions League football already in the bag and I suspect will be waiting on a cup final, so unless they still had to play for something, we may well find ourselves playing a distracted City side, as we did on closing day in 2013.

Now, regardless of what they have to play for, it will be on a revenge mission. Big mistake.

2) The secret is out

Beeb man Rob Butler made a comment about how this week Norwich has felt like the centre of the footballing world.

It certainly has felt that way - the deserved praise heaped on City from all corners has been quite overwhelming really.

However, anybody who has been anywhere near the Pink Un messageboard will know we City fans love being the only ones in the know about how great we are.

We also love moaning about how overlooked we are.

That terrific, outstanding and truly remarkable victory has, for a short time at least, completely robbed us of this. I don't like.

3) Kenny's big screen gif

Adding to the litany of bad things to come from City's stunning victory was the opening goal coming from Kenny McLean.

As is the custom in football these days, Norwich City's media team has set up a series of fun 'gifs' of celebrations to be shown on the big screen at Carrow Road after somebody scores.

The Mayor grabbing the opener exposed a major slip from whoever set up making these clips.

I can't quite remember what the Scottish international did do in his clip, but there was no bell or three-cornered hat to be seen. If the brains behind the gifs can't make that happen, how can we have faith in the lads on the pitch to carry on their fine form?

4) We've shown others how to beat the unbeatable champions

One thing we've always been able to rely on when we're in the Premier League is that the teams around us will drop points to Manchester City.

Now though, we've obviously shown the world how to do it.

Who knows how many points our rivals will take off Pep's all stars now?

For goodness sake, City, what have you done with your heroics?

5) The Liverpool effect

Let's be honest, is there anything in football more insufferable than a Liverpool fan when the Reds do well?

Other than diving, cheating, Leeds United, people who don't appreciate the genius of Wes Hoolahan, Robbie Savage and Glenn Roeder, I can't think of too many things.

Can you imagine just how unbearable social media will be if Liverpool don't end up doing a Liverpool this season? Twitter would be a no fly zone for the best part of a month. And it would be all our fault!

I'll stop now. Hopefully, if you haven't slammed your paper down already, you'll have very much realised by now that my tongue is very firmly in my cheek.

Saturday's amazing day was just that - amazing. It was a night that will live long in the memory, but I also honestly believe it will be just the start. One thing people have said a lot is that it was the type of moment for us to savour - I disagree, it could very well be the type of moment to get us to.

So will Norwich beating City be a bad thing? Definitely may? Definitely not! OTBC

International Emi

What more can you say about Emi Buendia?

Before Saturday, some had suggested his form had dipped - despite him creating more than near enough any other player in the Premier League.

But Saturday, he reached another level of ridiculous.

Everything he touched turned to gold, whether it was outrageous skill, terrific vision or even popping up at the back for a goal-saving challenge.

He really is looking the complete player and quite how we picked him up for what we did I will never know - he will certainly not leave for that fee.

This week, he spoke of his desire to break into his national side - which would truly be the icing of the cake for City's star man.

And I honestly don't believe he would be out of place.

Obviously, Argentina have the best player of the world in their ranks, but I see no reason why Emi couldn't oust some of Wes Hoolahan's Argentinian cousin's supporting cast.

And imagine seeing Emi and Messi side by side. Wow!

Amadou is a rock

How good was Ibrahim Amadou on Saturday?

Considering he was signed as a holding midfielder, he perhaps wasn't expecting to make his home debut at the heart of defence.

But didn't he half rise to this challenge?

The summer arrival was an absolute colossus at the back, won basically everything in the air and also looks so, so assured on the ball.

Funnily enough, its a bit of a parallel with Ben Godfrey who also began his City career as a holding midfielder, but is now evolving into one of the club's all time great centre backs - he's that good.

The pair of them looked a formidable partnership if there ever was one, and even though two goals were conceded, it was Manchester City we were playing.

There's no escaping the fact the injuries to Timm Klose and Christoph Zimmermann are big blows, but the Godfrey-Amadou connection could be a very shiny silver lining for this particular dark cloud.

Here's hoping the deal to keep him here is air tight.

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