David Hannant: How transfer window effect could be turning on its head

Daniel Farke was pleased with Todd Cantwell's comeback in Norwich City's 1-0 Championship win over R

Daniel Farke was pleased with Todd Cantwell's comeback in Norwich City's 1-0 Championship win over Rotherham Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

So much has been said in the past few weeks about how the transfer window had its impact on certain members of City’s squad - the crown jewels as they are often nicknamed.

The sagas of Todd Cantwell and Emi Buendia in particular were all the talk of the town and ahead of the window ‘slamming shut’ it was fairly well understood that they perhaps saw their future lying elsewhere.

Clearly having distracted players – if in fact they were – is far from ideal and boss Daniel Farke was far from shy in making a point of the impact.

Now that we know they will be City players for at least the next few months, this impact could be in the inverse after all, as I feel we saw real glimpses of during the 1-0 win against Birmingham.

If in fact City’s crown jewels do want away, then from the evidence I’ve seen so far they are being the right kind of wantaway player.

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From what I can tell as a fan there are two kinds of wantaway player - the ones that sit and sulk and the ones that set out to earn their moves the right way.

I’m sure there are some fans out there who feel that no type of wantaway player is desirable - but personally, I’m not like that.

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I’ve always found it a little bit on the strange side that fans expect players to somehow become immediately connected to the club in a deep and spiritual way and that if they’re not kissing the badge they’re not worth their salt.

And while it is obviously nice to see when a player has let yellow and green infiltrate their blood stream - like Darren Huckerby did for example - for others, Norwich City is simply an employer.

And is that a problem? If they give their all on the pitch, for me it isn’t an issue whatsoever.

For me, if players see City as a stepping stone, that’s not a bad thing and can benefit everybody going forward.

At the end of the day, no player is going to get a big move away from Norwich City without first doing well at Norwich City.

From what we’ve seen of Buendia and Cantwell since they returned to the fold, they are either happy to stay or want to force a move the right way.

Todd in particular looked a man on a mission on Tuesday night - he was putting himself about, was right in the thick of everything offensive and on another day could have been taking the match ball home with him.

Farke hails Todd’s great leap forwardDitto with Buendia, who was clearly working his socks off.

I can’t lay claim to knowing what has been going on behind the scenes and frankly, I don’t care if it doesn’t have a bearing on what is going on, on the field.

Clearly, Todd and Emi have both realised that the best way to make sure they have potential suitors is to tear up trees on the field and prove they deserve the move, rather than forcing matters the wrong way.

And this is how the negative impact of the transfer window can be flipped on its head for the coming weeks.

It goes without saying that if these two lads have their heads on and are fully motivated, at this level we will win far more games than we lose.

And then obviously this would mean that once we get to the next window, we may find ourselves in a position where Premier League football is a real possibility for them if they stay put.

If they do move on, clearly good form will ramp up their value and we can move on to the next project - so it’s very much a win-win.

By this point, you may be wondering how I’ve spoken for so long about crown jewels without mentioning Max Aarons - and that is because Max is another story.

The flying full-back was linked with the biggest move imaginable - to Barcelona no less - but you wouldn’t in any way think that had been the case.

If there ever was a person made for the phrase “old head on young shoulders” it’s Max Aarons.

It’s a real testament to the lad that his temperament hasn’t really been discussed any which way - he’s just got on with things.

It really can’t be understated just how professional this lad is, to be seemingly not in the slightest bit fazed by missing out on a move to the Nou Camp - if he’s batted eyelids it hasn’t shown.

Clearly, anyone who expects these players to stick around forever is wearing yellow and green contact lenses beneath their yellow and green-tinted glasses, but we shouldn’t begrudge any of them for dreaming big.

But if these are wantaway players, they’re the type of wantaway players I don’t mind.

There’s no shame in being a club that develops players and moves them on if the next in line is ready to step up and continue the cycle.

And if we all happen to move forward together, then that’s even better. OTBC.

Rupp continues to shine

Anyone who read my last column will be able to work out how delighted I am by the continued improvement of Lukas Rupp.

Since coming into the centre of midfield Rupp has continued to shine and for me was the best player on the field against Birmingham on Tuesday.

He was high octane, but also did the simple things well.

He broke up play, got things moving and always made himself available.

And clearly, his team-mates have faith in him, otherwise they would not be giving him quite as much of the ball.

Like many others, I wasn’t really sure what kind of player he was going into the season, but how could we, given the fact he was being asked to play so many different roles.

Of all the positions I’ve seen him play, this role looks his best - and I think we’re starting to see shades of peak Mo Leitner in him.

Now he’s getting a decent run in the team, I don’t see him losing his spot any time soon - it’s great to see him shutting up his critics.

Screenings highlight government’s inconsistency

I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry about the latest live screenings.

Clearly, big props go to the club for arranging it so that the sense of fan community can be felt in some way, shape or form and supporters can come together.

However, the fact that the government is willing to give the green light to a group of fans watching a game on a screen - in the same building the match is taking place in - is quite simply laughable.

It just goes to show how clearly people in Westminster are making things up as they go along with no real use of common sense.

It really beggars belief that people can sit in a confined place at a distance, but can’t sit at the same distance in a highly ventilated, open air stadium.

Fair play to the club for putting it on and it sends a crystal clear message about just how inconsistent the guidelines are.

Here’s hoping Westminster stands up and takes notice, realises how silly this makes them look, and let us back in.

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