Did we really have to taste our own medicine?

So what goes around comes around then. May we never grumble again.

Andrew Crofts may as well have caught the ball before burying that injury time equaliser against Burnley on Saturday. Fair enough if he had, given Cardiff’s penalty the week before was both a joke and probably that afternoon’s deciding factor.

But oh no. The football gods, whoever they are, couldn’t let it rest.

They duly rubbed our noses in it thanks to the only plausible candidate for the title Marquis of Millwall. Harsh.

Still, at least we got ourselves in front at The Den. In the first half against Burnley it was hard to work out if the players or us who were more asleep. And that is never helped by the stewards. Tell me, why try to scupper the one bit of banter we managed by telling people in the Snakepit to sit down and Clarets big man Chris Iwelumo to behave? Or are we not allowed to have any fun these days?

• The Man pretty much despises sport over the pond. It represents most of what is bad – whichever sport it is. Baseball, hockey, throwball (how did it ever get the name American football?).Sadly, it’s also a pretty good way of predicting what’s going to end up over here. Free agents, player power, franchise clubs. All are a big deal in the US, and all have arrived this side of the Atlantic... albeit in different measures.

So please excuse The Man if he decides to throw his head in his hands at American Football turning up at Wembley again. Because once the latest lot of Premier League money runs out, taking games out of this country is going to happen.

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The new Liverpool owners think playing an extra game abroad would be great. That’s right. That stupid idea from a year or two back where someone magics up an extra fixture, completely undermining the point of a league system. No wonder the new Yanks in charge at Anfield fancy it – they’ve got a debt the size of Zimbabwe’s GDP to sort. Screw what any fans at the club think, they need more money.

Therefore The Man remains grateful the buck has stopped well short of Carrow Road. We’re fine muddling through (probably), thanks.

• Simon Whalley – remember him? Not many can lay claim to scoring a City winner at Helhurst Park, even if it was only a friendly.

Apparently he’s been without a club for ages after injuring his knee last season. Then he was going to become an electrician, before someone gave Doncaster a call to set up the offer of a trial.

Wonder if he’s really got the stomach for it any more? He didn’t when he was here.