Don’t expect Barnsley to figure out how to beat us

The way things are with home grown players, you’d expect us to get more call ups – not that avoiding almost certain injury isn’t welcome. Whether Simeon Jackson or Andrew Crofts can claim the more prestigious international honour is like arguing over Nick Clegg and David Cameron.

The Man’s view on international football is well known. Our glorious Three Lions epitomise everything wrong with modern football in England – if only there was a World Cup for that. Rooney, Terry, Ashley Cole – all quality candidates to be crowned Ballon d’Ors, or golden balls to you and me.

Back to the Chumpionship on Saturday, and our friends Barnsley.

They’re brilliant. We’ve hit them for 20 goals and 22 points in our last eight meetings.

We keep losing at Helhurst Park, so The Man doesn’t expect the Tykes to suddenly figure out how to beat us – especially with Jason Shackell doing the honours. Go on Jase, you owe us one.

Selling Mark Robins – now there was one prize past mistake this club has made. Top manager now – and fully deserving of a proper welcome on Saturday.

• Ever since OTJ arrived he’s seemed a nice guy. So I hope for his sake he cuts his losses and gets a move away.

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Yes, his limbs are too long to coordinate quickly – hence his contribution to our Carling Cup exit last season. No more digs, just get yourself a deal at Huish Park and make yourself a hero, son.

A similar move would probably do Matty Gill a favour too. Plenty of bonus points for the giant hand sported during May’s celebrations, but that’s in danger of being the highlight of his time down here – shame given he’s one of us.

It’s something that rarely works – fan turns out for boyhood club, is rubbish/never plays/tries too hard.

Young Tom Adeyemi may make it work. Bellars seems certain to over at Cardiff – but he knows what we did for his career, and slagged off Coventry, so he’ll get a good reception from The Man in January.

But imagine if Cardiff balls it up again? And we thought they were financially screwed last season . . .

• Aston Villa prospering without Martin O’Neill? Unlikely.

Not only have we beaten them 8-1 (probably) based on Newcastle, them making Andy Carroll look like a semi-able footballer in the process.

Now they’ve gone and re-signed the punchless wonder that is Andy “Judas” Marshall.

Not a cat in hell’s chance of him ever playing, but then being on the pitch was never Andy’s strong point.