Drury: We have to take Grant's confidence onto the pitch

CHRIS LAKEY Canaries skipper Adam Drury says he's looking forward to spending more time on the training field with new boss Peter Grant and less time on the pitch.


Canaries skipper Adam Drury says he's looking forward to spending more time on the training field with new boss Peter Grant and less time on the pitch.

Grant has been in charge for less than a month, and it's been non-stop, with five games to prepare for since he sat in the director's box at QPR on October 14.

It's left little time for anything other than the games to concentrate on, and Drury says he awaits next week with interest.

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“He has come in and we have had a game every three days so he has not had much time on the training ground getting his point across because you have got to work that in between not tiring the players out,” said Drury. “So he is still trying to gets his point across and it will interesting when we get a few free weeks and he can do his stuff more in depth.”

Grant, like his predecessor Nigel Worthington, has pointed out the difficult City have transferring their good work on the training fields on to the pitch - but Drury says there is no lack of confidence in the squad when they step out in front of a crowd.

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“There shouldn't be a problem with confidence because the way the gaffer comes across he is confident in everything he does,” said the left back. “But we have got to take that on to the pitch with us, it is no good being good down here on the training ground and playing with confidence down here and not taking it down to the ground.

“I think the other night when a few passes went astray, the confidence didn't go but people were a bit scared of giving the ball away then. But that is going to happen in games and that is when you need to try and keep getting on the ball and keep trying to play it because the way we play it is going to happen. There will be games when it doesn't go particularly well all the time for us and the ball is given away, but it is important that the next time you get the ball you keep it and we can start attacking again.”

Drury is back in action after missing three defeats in September with an ankle injury that required clean-up surgery, says only three points will do against Sunderland tomorrow.

“I think everyone knows that with the run of results we have had of late, it's a must-get three points,” he said. “From the draw the other night we didn't play particularly well. We created chances but didn't play well and we know we have got to win on Saturday.

“It has been a bit stop start, we have a few good results then we have the little blip again then a few good results, and we have to stop that because if you want to challenge in this league you have to be consistent the whole way through and at the moment anyone who strings together that run of results is going to be up there challenging and we have to make sure that it is us.

“Sunderland are exactly the same. They are the same sort of position in the table and they are going to be challenging as well.

It doesn't help with our injuries, that is part of the game. But I think when we have had a settled side that is when we have produced our best results and played our best football as well, and that has not been a coincidence. But we have to deal with it and whoever comes in has to do a good job - and hopefully they will do.”

Drury believes Sunderland will reflect the tenacity of manager Roy Keane and is expecting a busy afternoon.

“You know they are going to be in your face - you only have to look at their manager,” said Drury. “They are going to be up for it and they are going to fight for everything. He is a legend in the game and we know exactly what he is going to be like.

“I would imagine they will be a physical side and you know he is going to demand quality from them a swell, but it's down to what we do and if we don't play our game - and we didn't the other night, only in spell - we won't get anything from the game so we have to make sure we go out there and play our way.”

Carrow Road is expected to have another bumper 25,000-plus crowd and Drury says they can play their part.

“It is brilliant, you can't knock the fans,” he said. “They are great, they are there every week home and away. When you get a game like Stoke they have every right to have a go, but at home we want them behind us and backing us all the way and helping us on the pitch and giving us that confidence we need.”

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