Dublin: I feel good after 90 minutes

CHRIS LAKEY Dion Dublin may be finding a second wind in the twilight of his career - but clearly doesn't know what all the fuss is about.


Dion Dublin may be finding a second wind in the twilight of his career - but clearly doesn't know what all the fuss is about.

“I don't know why everybody is surprised,” said the Canaries striker. “I might be 37, but I am as fit as anyone else in this club.”

Experience clearly counts for Canaries manager Peter Grant - who until recently was working with 40-year-old Teddy Sheringham at West Ham.

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And while Grant is reluctant to throw Dublin into the fray for 90 minutes at a time - as he did at Stoke last weekend - it's water off a duck's back for the player.

“I feel good after playing 90 minutes and if I am asked to do it again on a Tuesday, a Saturday and a Tuesday I will do it,” said Dublin.

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“I know I am fit enough to do that - I know you lot are surprised, but it felt good, it felt good to get 90 minutes under my belt and come out unscathed as regards injury and fitness wise. I came in Tuesday night as well and did okay.”

Dublin's attacking prowess is the very reason he was brought to Carrow Road, but he could find himself in the centre of defence at Sunderland tomorrow with Gary Doherty and Craig Fleming both extremely doubtful because of injuries.

It's not his preferred option, but Dublin is taking a philosophical view.

“It's needs be really at this present time,” he said. “We have had a couple of slip-ups in the last couple of games and things have not gone too well injury-wise.

“We have got Darren (Huckerby) back which is great and Robbie (Earnshaw) and then we've gone and got another couple of injuries and they just happen to be in the back four. So, if needs be, if the manager asks me to do it I will just go and do it.

“It is something you have to get on with, fill in for the time being when the boys are injured. He knows I would rather play up front, but it if means just filling in it's not a problem.”

Dublin comes up against a friend and a foe today in the shape of former Manchester United team-mate Roy Keane - and says the future is bright for the new Sunderland manager.

“I have no doubts at all that Roy Keane will be a success as a manager, no doubt at all,” he said. “Whether it comes sooner or later I don't know - any time after Saturday would be nice - but I know he will do well. He is a friend of mine and I want him to do well.”

As for City, Dublin believes they are close to finally turning the corner for good.

“We are not far away,” he said. “I think you have all seen it. We have let ourselves down in a couple of games, we all know that, but it is not far away. We have to score more goals, I have to take my chances when they come along, along with the other forwards as well and whoever gets in a position to score. We have to start taking our chances because we are missing too many chances and we are conceding too many goals as a team.”

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