Everton display summed up the season - Along came Norwich City

The Norwich City players face up to relegation at Everton.

The Norwich City players face up to relegation at Everton. - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

So, the season is over and what we all expected happened. Although we had a fantastic result against Watford, the loss on the final day was quite hard to take. Yes, we were already down, but after such a great team effort only four days previous, the performance against Everton can only be described as dismal.

There have been many areas to criticise during this season, but for me, I am really disappointed with our performances against teams who we should have, on paper, beaten.

Much like Everton, when we have played teams that have been in bad form, along have come Norwich and miraculously that team’s form has improved – or to be more honest, we either didn’t turn up or couldn’t stick the ball in the back of the net.

Everyone has debated long and hard over this season. Either about not having a striker that can score 15-20 goals per season in the Premier League, or some members of the back four making too many mistakes. But when all is said and done, Norwich City were just not good enough to stay up.

There is nothing that I can write about that hasn’t been written already, but I will reiterate some comments – the Norwich City board must sell some of the dead wood (we all have our opinions on who they may be), and strengthen the defence as well as up front.

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In addition, if we can keep key players such as Klose and Redmond, we will be in a much stronger position to bounce straight back to the Premier League.

It’s going to be difficult to bring in players that are Premier League standard to play in the Championship, but we need to build a strong team next season, so that when we do return to the Premier League we stand a much better chance of doing well.

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I would like to finish by praising the wonderful Norwich City supporters. They have been magnificent all season and it makes you proud to be a Norwich City fan.

Home or away, they are always out in force, wearing the colours and making themselves heard. Yes, we might have a moan or two along the way, but you only have to look at the match against Watford, when we knew we were down, we sang as loud as I have heard us all season.

As I close, I am waiting with baited breath for all the transfer dealings to start. But for now, I am off to watch the cricket.

• Blog post written by Lorraine Taylor

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