Failure to land Taylor is so galling

GUTTED. That's about the only word which can sum up The Man's feelings as news - eventually - filtered through that we would not be keeping Taylor.

GUTTED. That's about the only word which can sum up The Man's feelings as news - eventually - filtered through that we would not be keeping Taylor.

The fact Tiny had just shelled out for three new City shirts for his kids only heightened the sense of sadness that a proper Norwich player had slipped the net.

A monster of a defender; he would have been adored.

Like a girlfriend who dumps you with the line “it's not you it's me”, The Man refuses to let go, and maybe - just maybe - we will see Taylor return to the Carra one day.

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One thing seems for sure, he won't be coming back in the blue and white of QPR.

Clearly the thought of playing in front of 10,000 chavs and the quest of over-taking Fulham as West London's 'second club' (wow) did not appeal to MT.

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How galling it is to be outbid by these tinpot teams as they seemingly flitter between administration and untold riches…

However, it is not Taylor's absence which will have the biggest effect on our fortunes - it is how we as supporters react to it.

If we throw away the unity that is slowly being restored at the club by turning on the board for not signing him, or continue getting on the Doc's back as he replaces Tiny, we'll end up being sucked into League One.

The battle against relegation was never going to be a cakewalk, this tragedy over Taylor is only the first of a few curve balls we'll have to duck between now and May as we fight to stay up.

If Birmingham and QPR want to play silly buggers then fine, but we must not let it drag us down.

Let's stick together, get behind the team - and who knows?

When January comes maybe Glenn will be able to pull another couple of rabbits out of the hat.



The Man is pleased to note that Norfolk's media golden boy Chris Goreham, pictured, has been pumping out classic vibes on his midweek football show.

Both The Canaries, and it's hypnotic B side the Canary Calypso, have been aired by the ardent Norwich fan on his BBC radio programme recently.

The G Dog clearly has an ear for a good tune, hence his championing of these two songs.

May The Man suggest that Something To Shout About is the next one that needs to be popularised.

On this note, it is clear The Man's campaign to replace the Flybe 'challenge' with a half-time appearance by Johnny Cleveland is gathering pace.

As the JC's official website states, he is “all about musical entertainment”.

Although the Carrow Road hierarchy would need to plan ahead, as it also states that: “Johnny Cleveland gets booked well in advance”.



The Man likes Curo, but I couldn't resist this one... This week one of my pals made me aware of the fact that Curo's 'better' half is featured as WAG of the Week on football website Fanbanta.

Lisa Munday (sounds like a Norfolk dialect surname to me) - 5ft 5 - 32D - age 25 - hazel eyes - waist 25 - hips 32 - lifts the lid on what life is like with Jamie.

First up Lisa reveals how the pair met: “It was about three years ago, in a club in London. I'd been dancing at a gig and he had played a game for QPR.

“Barry Hayes' brother tapped me on the shoulder and said: 'will you talk to my friend Jamie? He's shy'.

“It was like being back at school.”


It seems it wasn't exactly love at first sight either, as Lisa says: “When I first met him, my first thought was how short he is.

“I wasn't sure whether I liked that or not, but I did have my heels on to be fair. He's got funny banter.”

You bet he has baby!

Lisa admits she gets a bit “crabby” waiting for Curo to emerge from the showers after games, but has found the perfect solution: “I don't know what he does in there; I end up waiting for ages, slowly getting pissed.”

A girl after The Man's own heart. Good stuff.

As for football, you'll be glad to know that Curo hates it when Norwich lose.

Lisa says: “If they lose he's a complete nightmare.

“He calls to tell me and say: 'I'm on my way home. I don't want any food, don't wait up for me.'

“Then he'll get into bed and talk to me in the morning.

“He just sits and sulks for hours.”

Roeder gets the thumbs-up too: “Jamie was nervous about who would be the new manager, but he seems to like him.

“He says that he is pretty chilled out, and hopefully he can turn things around for Norwich.”

And it seems one thing Lisa will not be doing, is following in the infamous footsteps of Mrs Matthew Spring...

“Jamie is happy at Norwich and I hope he ends his career in the UK, but if there was an offer on the table, then I would have no problem with going.

“I'm a young girl, I can look after myself and I'm sure I'd be fine.”

What a cracking young lady.

As they say, behind every good footballer is an even better WAG.



A report in last weekend's Daily Record brought a wry smile to The Man's boat race.

It featured Aberdeen's 2-1 victory over Kilmarnock.

In his player ratings section for Kilmarnock, the reporter surmised the following: “Ryan Jarvis - on-loan Norwich defender, struggled, 4.”

His dream of a move to La Liga gets further away by the day...

Still, if he's putting some graft in , then good luck to him.

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