Fair to say 2010 did Norwich City proud

The Man always liked the cut of 2010’s jib when it turned up – and in reality, it never let us down.

We rode it out at Wycombe to kick things off, and duly won the first six games of the year.

That, of course, included the sweet score settled down Cuckoo Farm way.

Walsall, Huddersfield, Brighton, Charlton. All brilliant trips for a season spent touring the doldrums. And all brilliant because none of us wanted to do them again any time soon.

But all of those topped by sticking one in the tenderloins of dirty Leeds at Carra Rud and then picking up the doldrums’ silverware.

The Man tried to think of a lowlight but gave up, because after a season like that, there’s no point.

In fact, the best thing about this year has been the fact it’s carried on.

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We are in the Chumpionship, we’re good and in a division of dross, with Lambo in charge, we’ve got a serious chance of topping 2010.

That really is something. This kind of momentum really doesn’t come along very often.

So when we’re losing 2-0 up at a shocking Boro’ side next year, that deserves being remembered.

• So 2011 . . . here’s what The Man wants to see:

Backing. For Lambo, for the players, home and away. And from the board. We’re in amongst it and there aren’t many teams better than us in the Chumpionship this season.

Give it a go. The Man isn’t stupid enough to expect us to go up this season, but we do need to keep it together between now and May, and finish in the top six.

Lambo to stay. It’ll be down to him in the end, but the guy has it – whatever it is – and the longer he’s here, the better off we’ll be.

Keano to stay. The guy gets to walk out of I****** in the summer, so a few more months of riled Roy not really caring what happens is their best chance of sampling the same sentence we suffered last season. They deserve it, after all.

• Sheffield United – what’s happened there? The Man remembers when they used to bring a few fans and make some noise. Not any more.

They remind The Man of us a few years ago. Although, in fairness, most screwed teams do. At least that blonde lass showed there’s some Sheffield steel in there somewhere.

• So was Boxing Day a good thing? On the plus side, we got out of losing at Hellhurst Park so soon after Christmas.

But now we’ve got to stew on making the trip on a freezing Tuesday night. Rock or hard place?