Fans in 'Worthy out' protest

With the Canaries' play-off hopes now in tatters, the storm clouds have gathered above Carrow Road as plans for a series of “Worthy out” protests are discussed.

With the Canaries' play-off hopes now in tatters, the storm clouds have gathered above Carrow Road as plans for a series of “Worthy out” protests are discussed.

The form of protest is not yet clear, but dozens of City fans have been discussing ways of venting their feelings on message boards, including Evening News sister paper The Pink Un.

The call to arms comes as City's distant play-off hopes took a terminal turn at Selhurst Park on Saturday, where they were crushed 4-1 by the high-flying Eagles.

Some have called for a boycott of Saturday's clash with Stoke City at Carrow Road, others have called for a protest in a supermarket car park before the game, but whatever happens it looks likely to be an uncomfortable afternoon for Nigel Worthington.

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The comments come ahead of tomorrow's meeting organised by the Norwich City Independent Supporters' Association (NCISA) to discuss the Canaries' predicament.

NCISA chairman Roy Blower said the diversity of the website protests showed that the meeting was necessary: “We've all got different view points but they are all people who put a lot of money into the football club and they are concerned. Certain people will protest in the way they see fit.

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“We don't want people protesting outside the front door if the effect is more police involvement. We don't have membership of all the supporters so they can do what they like.”

One fan, writing on the Pink 'Un website under the name billybird, said: “Please stay away from the home game against Stoke as a protest. It will be the first game I have missed this season, but I feel it has to be done.”

Beno27 said: “It would be my second game I've missed in nine years and I'm only 15. I just can't do it; I'd love to sing we want Worthy out for 90 minutes non-stop though.”

Marmite said fans should hold the protest at the Morrisons car park at 2pm on Saturday. TwoSheds added his support, but suggested the protest should be staged at Colney during the week.

The Duke of Norfolk suggested: “When On the Ball City is sung at the start of the game, keep silent. It is the easiest way of protesting. Saturday it will be no more noise from the Barclay and Snakepit boys.”

Meanwhile, a supporters' group set up by fans in the forces has called for Nigel Worthington to be sacked.

A statement by Forces2Canaries said: “We feel Mr Worthington has taken the club as far as he can and his stay at the club is affecting the morale and confidence of the players.

“We feel if Mr Worthington is not replaced immediately, this situation will get worse and the good work that has been achieved in the past 10 years will have been for nothing.”

However, not every supporter is against Mr Worthington.

In a letter in the Pink 'Un on Saturday, Neil Howard said: “I am appalled at the amount of trouble the committee of Norwich City Independent Supporters' Association are trying to stir up between the football club and its supporters.”

Fan Keith Roads added: “Does the man who saved us from relegation, got us to the play-off final, then led us to the Championship deserve the kind of treatment meted out to Robert Chase? No.”

Ü The NCISA meeting will be held at St Andrew's Hall at 7.30pm tomorrow.

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