First the anger, now it’s apathy

EARLIER this season The Man told of how he thought he was suffering from Post Traumatic Relegation Syndrome (PTRS). The basic symptom of the condition was an almost uncontrollable anger derived from our inability to beat seemingly average opposition.

EARLIER this season The Man told of how he thought he was suffering from Post Traumatic Relegation Syndrome (PTRS).

The basic symptom of the condition was an almost uncontrollable anger derived from our inability to beat seemingly average opposition.

I can safely say that my bout of PTRS has well and truly cleared up.

If anything, I'm now suffering a dose of the opposite. That's right, The Man has come down with chronic apathy.

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It seems the lethal condition of complacency - which so hindered some of our players and management this year - has infected The Man.

I have tossed and turned over what to write about Norwich City this week, but I really can't get away from the fact I don't seem to care. Don't get me wrong, I would love it if we beat Palace today and are set for a mad dash to the play-offs, but I dare not dare to dream.

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Maybe it's just me, but if we didn't get a result at Selhurst, I could quite happily end the season now and come back with renewed vigour in August.

Of course, the players should not adopt this mentality. It is a vital few months in which to mould a team, especially given it does not look like Worthy will be going anywhere.

Having said that, there were one or two titbits that The Man would like to briefly muse upon.

This week Neil Doomcaster spoke of his anger at Norwich City's impending relegation from the Premier Reserve League.

Given that 4,500 people turned up to the recent Chelsea reserve match, you can understand his frustration, both on a footballing and financial level. All the non-Premiership sides have been kicked out, so it's not just us.

But maybe, just maybe, a few of the bigger clubs were beginning to begrudge a 200-mile trip for their highly-paid stars, only to turn out against a bunch of college kids.

I know it probably didn't form any part of the official restructuring argument, but I doubt such standards worked in favour of maintaining Norwich in the top tier.

On another issue, a few fans were less than impressed with Worthy's little outburst at Hux after the Derby game.

In fact, I've been told that during the game NW gave the jet-heeled one a barrage, only for the fans behind the dug-out to tell Worthy that Hux had saved his job, and he should shut up. Cue red-faced December's Manager of the Month.

It really is apt that Worthy saw fit to clamp down on one of the few fleeting moments of enjoyment we have had this season.

I can understand his point, to a degree, but Hux had a good game - let it go.

I think it was no coincidence that Worthy sucked up to Hux at the end of the week in his Evening News column.

Finally, and not Norwich-related, I couldn't help but cheer when Barca got their winner this week.

I know, I know - “support the English team” - but it's always good to see a natural order restored, if only to a small degree.

I will always remember Chelsea with cars parked behind their goal. I simply don't swallow that they are a big club - a big chequebook yes, but not a big club.


REGULAR readers of this column will have detected the contempt The Man reserves for Liverpool fans.

They are the most hypocritical set of supporters in the country.

Anyone who so much as hints (albeit justifiably) they were in part to blame for Hillsborough or Heysel is immediately hit with a Scouse fatwa.

I'm not saying those twin tragedies are not deserving of respect, but if you are going to demand respect - as the Scousers do - you need to give it, too.

Earlier this season, The Man wrote of his surprise that some Liverpool fans failed to observe the minute's silence for George Best.

I agree the reaction to the alcoholic wife-beater's death was vastly overblown, but still.

However, last weekend the Scousers plumbed new depths.

Not happy with singing vile songs while Alan Smith lay on the pitch with a shattered leg, some of them tried to attack the ambulance taking the poor bloke to hospital.

Some of them shouted “Munich s**m” during the process.

Can you imagine what the reaction would be if it was one of their players in an ambulance, and opposition fans attacked it while chanting about Hillsborough.

Just a thought . . .


IT was brought to The Man's attention this week that our ex-impromptu right winger Mattias Jonson was still in the Sweden team.

He was named in the squad to face the Republic of Ireland in a forthcoming friendly.

The Swedish manager said it was his strongest squad - effectively the personnel he'll be taking to Germany, where they'll face England among others. It also turns out Jonson's new club, Djurgardens, has qualified for the Champions League, aided by a few of his goals. Good luck to the fella. Quite why we were so quick to push him out of the door I don't know. Who knows? If he had been played in his proper position, he might have been half-decent.

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